A Business based on unshakeable foundation

Vaastu Meter, Dec 2008

Brothers Mr. Pranav and Mr. Sachin explain why they are comfortable and confident ¦

Mr. Pranav B. Khira and Mr. Sachin B. Khira founded Balas Industries in 1993, The marketing set up is located off Chowpatty Seaface, Mumbai whilst the manufacturing facilities are located at Changodar Industrial Estate, Ahmedabad.

The company deals in and manufactures modern, scientifically designed, space saving office furniture systems. It also deals in sophisticated mobile storage solutions in association with Nord Plan – Denmark

Both Mr. Pranav and Mr. Sachin spoke at length with Vaastuyogam about their Vaastu experience. Given below are excerpts from the conversation.

When did you first become aware of Vaastu?

Everyone in business knows about Vaastu. The usefulness of Vaastu has made it very famous. However, to answer your question we were aware of Vaastu for many years before it really became famous. In fact we have always been strong believers in Vaastu. When we built our manufacturing facility in 1997, we did it as per Vaastu.   Of course, at that time we had not gone to any Vaastu consultant, but rather devised the layout from our own understanding of the subject.

Old-logoCan you tell us a little more about the logo part?
You may be surprised but this is a small but very important part. There is much to say about a perfect Vaastu logo, but perhaps we should leave that to Dr Rao. I will only say that getting a Vaastu perfect logo was as important to us as a Vaastu perfect plot and factory layout.