Ask The Expert

Others, Sep 2017
What is the ideal plot/house as per Vaastu?

It depends on your purpose of acquiring it. If you are building a house, the ideal shape would be either rectangle or a square. If it is for industrial purposes, the shape wouldn’t matter much as long as it is big in size. Any levelled plot which isn’t bumpy, below the ground, or in the foothills of the mountains is considered good as per Vaastu. By defining boundaries, the plot can be very prosperous for any type of construction.

What colours should be used on the interior walls of the house?

Colours used in the house do have an influence on shaping the thoughts of the person. The colours can be associated with the temperaments of the family members. Aged people usually like blue, white, and other light colours as they tend to bring peace. Young people usually tend to like brighter and darker colours like Grey, Red, and others. I would not suggest black and brown colours to be used inside the house. If it is a restaurant, black and brown colours would be more prominent. Selection of colours also depends on the nature and type of your personality.

Does the magnetic field of the earth have anything to do with Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu is the visible and invisible energy forces of all Panchabhutas. The visible forces are: Fire, Water, Air (it is invisible but one can feel it), Space, and Energy. The magnetic energy can be felt as the gravitational force but can’t be gauged. All these forces together constitute Vaastu as a whole. Reenergizing them in your favour is all about Vaastu Shastra. If you are in tune with the natural forces of energy, you will lead a life with content. If not, you will lead an unhappy life with disturbance in life related matters.

What all could be the negative effects of an Anti-Vaastu property?

There are two parameters to measure Vaastu compliance. If a person moves into a house and gets devastated in a few years, we can say that the property is Anti-Vaastu. Sometimes, people feel that the house isn’t lucky for them and that there are negative forces inside the house which keeps them from prospering. Your progress in life depends largely on how you arrange your things in your house.

Does a person’s date of birth influence property purchase?

Date of birth certainly influences the nature of events in your life – either good or bad. Vaastu is like a car – if you have a good car and know how to drive, you will reach your destination faster. If you don’t know how to drive even if you have a good car, you may or may not reach your destination safely. Vaastu and date of birth – both are interconnected with one another. One subject alone cannot control all the events of your life; however, together, you can make your life better by directing your energy and efforts in the right direction.

What are some decorative items that bring luck to your home?

People mostly talk about paintings and mirrors these days. Putting mirrors opposite to bed or in wrong directions may give negative results. They would give positive results if rightly positioned. Every painting can tell a story of your life situations. Each painting in your home can help determine what you have been through, are currently going through and what is going to happen in future. Every painting is in itself a mystery. You don’t select the paintings; the painting chooses you and occupy a place in your house. Similarly, dead watches or clocks can tell the story of your life precisely.

Be careful when you select these items for decorating your home. You must take expert advice to know which object would work well for you.