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Others, Oct 2017

Is Vaastu Shastra related to Astrology?

Astrology is the science of time. All the activities we humans do can be directly related to time. Astrology is the language of karma and all our activities are already planned when we were born. Astrologer can be wrong; however, the subject of astrology can never be wrong. Astrology talks about your reactions of earlier life actions in the form of a life journey. Astrology reads about an individual or an event happening through the influential part of celestial bodies called planets and their respective tenets called zodiac signs.

From astrological perspective, your fourth house is the house of residence. A person who stays in a non-Vaastu compliant home sees ill effects of the house on his life. A person who is entering into a bad phase of life, tentatively stays into a bad house in the form of a punishment for realising the mistakes of his life. On the contrary, a person who isn’t qualified or worthy enough to enjoy certain benefits, by virtue of his good times stays in a good house to reap the benefits of that particular house. A person’s celestial planets along with the Vaastu energy of their house decides their time of stay and the benefits/troubles they will have during their stay in a particular house. That way, Vaastu and Astrology are related.

Does the Vaastu effect differ for men and women?

Every relation in this world has its own importance and Vaastu principles apply here too. Talking about men and women, they could be father and daughter, husband and wife, brother and sister. A place that came out of space well defines Vaastu in this case. For example, you could be colleagues when at office and husband-wife or brother-sister or father-daughter when you are at home. Every place has some tenets as per Vaastu principles. North East and South West are intermediary directions which help the main directions. The combination and association of these two bring happiness in any relation.

Suppose your ideology matches with someone you like, and you get married with the person. But if you get into a wrong house (Vaastu incompliant), then you may start feeling negative vibrations soon enough and over a period of time, the courtship which lasted for 5-6 years start showing signs of bigger problems. This could happen because of the planetary influences along with Vaastu energy in the house.

Vaastu plays a major role in modern times especially since the Vaastu renaissance that happened during the late nineties.