Ask the Expert

Others, Nov 2017

Why South-West room is considered very powerful?

Light and wind are natural forces of energy which one can feel. If the room has correct window position and cross ventilation, the room will be evenly ventilated, and the family members will stay happy as they will stay energetic all the time. Energy is also cyclic in nature. Wind flow and light isn’t the same throughout the year. Similarly, the magnetic energy below the earth isn’t the same around the year. It keeps varying but nobody pays attention to it as it doesn’t affect the commerce. If your legs are stuck to the ground, the gravity and magnetic field is there. The South West direction which is supposed to hold negative energy shouldn’t be open. On the contrary, the negative energy should be controlled, and positive energy should be enhanced by covering the South West room only with windows rather than doors. If the South West room opens to North side or Eastern side,

the journey becomes smoother and easier. That is why South West rooms are more prominent.

Are all houses situated in front of T-junctions bad? If so, why?

The houses of T-junctions are bad as they tend to create a lot of litigations and disputes among the owners, tenants, and the people who stay there. T-junction to the plot is different from T-junction to the building.
T-junction to the plot can give name, fame, and dispute whereas T-junction to the house will always put the man in disruption unless there are some external factors supporting it. Avoid T-junction plots where road is hitting the plot; one should be careful in documentation. Litigation and property would be at a huge stake in business model. It may not work at all and always keep changing hands. There are various remedies to it which we will share in upcoming editions of Vaastuyogam.