Ask The Expert

Others, Dec 2017

Which location is right for the rented house?

When the house is in location of South and West, the chances of house (for renting purpose) to be vacant is more and this is the reason, houses in south direction is more turbulent. It has the tendency to move the owner more frequent number of times and these are the house that will be available in the market more. And if a person buys property of this direction or takes an ownership, after 7 years he starts feeling uncomfortable.

How do one choose a right or wrong kind of property?

Surroundings play a big role in affecting your personal happiness and prosperity. A careful consideration for good Vaastu makes up a good value for the property and for its owner as well. Property owned new or rented, should be surveyed on its history as well as for its directions. If the premise of the property had some troubled history of bankruptcy or crime; it is better to stay away from such property.

More or like shape of the property also decides whether the property is right or wrong for the person. It is important on all aspect to consider all the above factors before taking up any property for an individual’s use.

How does the entrance effect the residents living in the house?

It is said that the entrance is the key to one’s peace of mind and the entrance of the house decides the energy of the family. Along with the impression, main door harmonises the cosmic rays of the, which promotes the health, wealth and prosperity of the family. Considered as the transition zone; main door effects a lot of factors like entrance of happiness and positivity in one’s family. Entrance of any house decides a lot of things for the family. The entrance in the direction of north, north-east, east or west are considered to be good for the house.