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Others, Jan 2018

What are the remedies for T-junction houses?

T-junction properties are inevitable in this era of gated communities. Vaastu principles observed over the ages by visionary scholars indicate that T-junction properties create havoc and never-ending litigation problems to inhabitants after they move into the premises. The solution to this problem is to establish a Ganesh temple in the property. There are a few other remedies too which we will discuss later.

Can Vaastu be corrected by performing poojas, yogas, etc?

Yagna and Havan are necessary on a regular basis to re-energize the place and bring negativity from the property. However, it is the composition of the yagna ingredients, time of doing the yagna and who is doing it, is what makes all the difference.

In Hindu culture, Yagna has been given significant importance with no major ceremony being completed without the God of Fire.

How does the shape of a building/plot affect Vaastu?

The birth of a plot happens considering the placement of the road nearby. Depending on the road, the plot will have either east facing, or west facing, or north facing or south facing entrance. If it is a two-sided road (road on two sides of the plot), it gives the plot an identity. So, the shape of the plot is of utmost importance. Third is where you make the house. If you cut the road angularly, the plot will be either 45 degrees or 35 degrees, or 12 degrees or 15 degrees. In case if it is a zero-degree plot, then it is considered as the most auspicious plot as per Vaastu and will give excellent results.

So, the direction is important considering the longevity and occupants of the building. The entire Vaastu rating of any property is dependent on the type of land, number of roads, entrance of the house and the internal layout. Combined, they give the ultimate results. It is important not to get into the trap of Shermukhi, T-junction or dead-end plots. Dead end plots are more detrimental than any other plot. So proper plot selection is the key in Vaastu for happiness in day to day life.

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