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Others, Feb 2018

Can an aquarium be helpful to ward off Vaastu shortcomings?

Fish Aquariums are beautiful and mesmerizing to look at and have very high importance from Vaastu viewpoint. It does have many solutions for Vaastu defects. As we are aware, all the things in universe have some form of energy associated with them. So, if the aquariums are placed and used correctly, they become a key for success and harmony in life. However, if it is placed in the wrong direction, it can bring negativity too. Hence, it is important to follow the guidelines and principles of VaastuShastra while keeping a fish aquarium in home, or office.

Medical Science researches have proved that high blood pressure, stress, anxiousness, and many more diseases are cured by fish aquariums. In fact, if a child suffering from anxiety observes a fish aquarium for a prolonged period, then he heals faster.

Aquarium business emerged in India and went to China which again came back to India through FengShui. Vaastu promotes waterbodies in East, North, and North East directions to keep it lighter. North always indicates well-lit (visible) light, whereas wind is invisible but can be felt, and so is water. When you see water, you feel good because water has a healing element. Keeping water stagnant isn’t good so they put in fish to keep it flowing. Fish has been domesticated and adapted by many people who eat them as well. If they are placed in Northern and Eastern side, they will be lucky and auspicious.

Water represents life and moving water represents liveliness or positive flow of energy in life.

Fish (Aquarium):

As per the Chinese, the more faster the fishes move inside the aquarium, the more energy (Chi) it generates bringing in more prosperity and happiness.

A home built on the principles of Vaastu bring in good luck along with wealth and prosperity. It is not always possible to follow Vaastu in all cases; however, keeping a fish aquarium can dissolve some of the negativity from your home or office.

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