Ask The Expert

Others, Jul 2017
Q.: When a home or commercial site is designed on Vaastu principles, is it required to carry out frequent checks of Vaastu compliance or just once is enough?
A.: Once the Vaastu changes are done, there is no need for the occupant to make any further changes every now and then. However, every additional facility modifications, interior or furniture changes must be Vaastu compliant.

Q.: When checking Vaastu compliance for apartments, is it required to check the Vaastu compliance of the entire society or just our own apartment house?
A.: It is always better to check the entire society as well as the Individual unit. An individual unit will be responsible for its good or bad fortunes. If the entire society is Vaastu compliant, then it will ease up the flow of positive energy and add up to the individual units. However, if the society isn’t Vaastu compliant, then the negative energies will be shared proportionately with the people residing in individual units. The end results will depend on personal luck as well as Vaastu. Moreover, the duration of time you stay in the home (number of years/moon cycles) decides your fate.

Q.: For a commercial property, what role do directions play for the decision-making people (CEOs, COOs, etc)?
A.: If the directions of decision making people aren’t correct, then the chances of company closing or witnessing sudden downfalls increase. If the directions of lower management and stakeholders are not Vaastu compliant, then the timing of events, tasks, and responsibilities won’t happen as per the deadlines. Sometimes, rift or political agenda puts them on the wrong track. Eventually, the company will suffer. Most people don’t realize this and do everything to change the people and the company strategies. In the end, when they are on the verge of losing everything, they seek help from a Vaastu expert as a last resort. It has often happened in my journey.

Q.: What percent of Vaastu affects the business when there are other factors that matter as well like your products/services, finance, human resources, etc?
A.: 1/3rd of your success depends on purely Vaastu factors.
1/3rd will be strategical and management decisions.
1/3rd will be external economic and political conditions.

However, with Vaastu, the energies can be balanced to make or break the external factors. One must satisfy 2/3 conditions to have success.

Q.: Entrances are important for a Vaastu compliant property. In a factory, we may have:
A. 1) Main Gate (Factory entrance)
2) Personal office entrance
3) Entrance gates of other cabins

All of these are equally important. The entrance to the factory will decide longevity and smoothness in running the factory errands. Office entrance controls individual contributions to the company, their scale and progress in terms of rank and stature. Cabin gates decide personal milestones. Sometimes, the star performers are welcomed with high hopes; however, they could let down the management. This has been proven in the research conducted.

Q.: If the duration of stay/doing business at a rented property is less than a year or so, does Vaastu come into play? If so, how much?

A.: Ultimately, the Vaastu score of the property calls the shots once 3 months are over. If it is too bad a score, one will experience a turbulence in health, finance and social life. If it is good, it will give a lot of strength to settle down and will keep increasing every month. In case of renting or leasing a company, my advice is to take maximum 50% chances. While if you own the property, your score should be more than 80%.