Bringing Positivity To Homes & Factories

Current Affairs, Mar 2017

Our home is the place where we spend most of our time and it should be the place we get recharged to remain active in our life. But does every home help us achieve that? Vaastu teaches how positive energy can be brought into our homes and lives by set of simple rules.

There are objects which generate positive energy at homes, offices and factories. From my experience, I can say fresh flowers, fresh water, and positive paintings are very good energy generating resources that radiate positive energy.

Fresh water bodies, flowers dipped in water (natural ones) are also good to freshen the mood. For factories, all entry points should be neat and clean. Warehouse or the place from where goods are sold or dispatched should not have any broken furniture or scrap heap. Even dustbins should not be visible. When goods are dispatched lot of cleaning has to take place.

Cleaning is very important in factories. It should never be done when there is a meeting going on or people are eating or VIPs or customers are visiting. The cleaning should be early morning before office hours begin – applicable to factories too. It enhances profitability and ease of doing business.

In upper middle class homes a new trend is emerging of keeping hundreds of pairs of shoes in bedroom or wardrobe. Some even place shoes after wearing it wherever they like in the house. I am not per se against such a practice though these indiscriminate actions can cause problems especially if you put it next to your bed while sleeping, Some even put under their neck while sleeping in trains.

These actions can bring negativity and ill health, depression, or quarrels within family. Better footwear is placed where it has been earmarked using.

Keep windows open

Keep windows open for fresh air and sunlight to enter the rooms. Sunlight kills cobwebs and bacteria. Open window means looking at open blue sky and hearing chirping of birds. Smell of early morning breeze improves optimism and makes us live without depression when we align our living with Nature.

Let fragrance permeate home

Fragrance can change mood creating positive impact in homes and that is why people burn incense sticks during worship or meditation or doing yoga.

Cleaning regularly

Clean the house daily by sweeping and mopping the floors. Avoid stagnant trash that stays dumped. These attract evil spirits as well as being unhygienic as it can be breeding grounds for rats and snakes as well as causing health hazards.

Think good & speak good to feel rich

Words disturb tranquility if spoken harshly. Good words are welcome as it improves our personality and endears us to others. More we take care of our words more people will love to help us. That is hallmark of good behavior. Words that hurt create negativity and must be avoided. It can be achieved by self-discipline prerequisite to happy life.