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Published in: May 2018

Marcus Samuel Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands Royal Dutch Shell plc commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company. For more than 100 years the word Shell, the pecten emblem and distinctive red and yellow colours have visualised the Shell brand and promoted Shells values and the quality of their products and services all over the world. The word Shell first appeared in 1891, as the trademark for kerosene shipped to the Far East by Marcus Samuel and Company. This small London business dealt originally in antiques, curios and oriental seashells. These became so popular the Victorians used them to decorate trinket boxes in particular that soon they formed ... Read More

Published in: Mar 2018

Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz The history of Mercedes Benz goes back almost 150 years ago. Mercedes-Benz is a global automobile manufacturer popularly known for luxury cars, buses, coaches, and trucks. It is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The brand took birth due to the efforts of two people: Karl Benz (the first person to create an automobile vehicle) and Gottlieb Daimler (the person who invented high-speed petrol engine.) In the year 1886, Karl Benz made his first motorize tricycle and Daimler built a horseless carriage. After a few years, Karl Benz created a four-wheeler and Daimler signed a deal with William Steinway to produce horseless carriage in the US. The Mercedes-Benz badge... Read More

Published in: Feb 2018

Jerry Baldwin, Zev Seigl and Gordon Bowker Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971 as a local coffee bean retailer, Starbucks today has evolved as a global coffee giant and the worlds biggest coffeehouse chain, comprising of approximately 23.768 stores in 62 countries as of November 2016. It was founded by three partners Jerry Baldwin (an English teacher), Zev Siegl (a history teacher), and Gordon Bowker (a writer). The trip named the company Pequod after a whaling ship in Hermaan Melvilles American Classic, Moby-Dick. The trio later changed the name to Starbuck, chief mate on the Pequod. Later, they added an s at the end to become Starbucks. Starbucks didnt sell any espresso coffee for almos... Read More

Published in: Jan 2018

Vittorio Colao, Vodafone CEO Headquartered in London, Vodafone India is a 100% subsidiary of Vodafone Group PLC a British multinational telecommunications company. Their journey began in 1994 Mumbai when its predecessor Hutchinson Whampoa launched its operations. On a global basis, it operates service in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. In September 2007, the brand Vodafone was launched in India after Vodafone Plc. acquired a majority stake in Hutchinson Essar in May 2007. Operating from a single base, the company has expanded operations across the country to cover all 22 telecom circles and service 210 million customers. Globally, Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 c... Read More

Published in: Dec 2017

Frederick W. Smith Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx Corporation was started by a young entrepreneur in 1971 as a tiny delivery company and has now become a multinational powerhouse in the world of delivering goods and packages. The name FedEx is an abbreviation of the companys actual name Federal Express, now popularly known as FedEx Express which was used from 1973 until 2000. HISTORY Its not every day that a new industry takes modern form, but thats what happened when FedEx President, Chairman, and CEO Frederick W. Smith founded Federal Express. The companys hub and spoke system enabled efficient overnight express service, and FedEx was the first to pioneer tracking and tracing c... Read More

Published in: Nov 2017

Henry - Ford LOGO HISTORY 1903 1906 Letters & the Logo: The very first Ford logo was designed especially for the first Ford car, the Model A, complete with an art nouveau border which was quite fashionable at the time. 1907 1912 Ford introduced the scripted typeface of its trademark. They introduced a long-tailed script for F and D letters also known as the script with wings. Childe Harold Wills designed the logo using his grandfathers stencil set which was based on the style of writing taught in schools when Ford and Wills were children. 1912 This brief and unsuccessful Ford design put the brand signature on top of a dark blue winged pyramid. Although intended to show the products speed... Read More

Published in: Oct 2017

Adolf Dassler Initially started as a small independent sportswear company in Germany, Adidas today, is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe (headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria) and the second largest in the entire world. Apart from shoes its core product, Adidas also manufactures clothes, bags, shirts, and other sports wear to give their customers a wide variety to choose from. Adidas was registered on 18 August 1949 by Adolf Dassler. The companys clothing and shoe designs typically feature three parallel bars and the same motif is incorporated into Adidas current logo. The name ADIDAS is a portmanteau formed from its founders name Adolf Dassler and the 3 black stripes of the ... Read More

Published in: Sep 2017

Jack Dorsey HISTORY An online news and networking site that allows users to post messages and tweets restricted to 140 characters. Based in San Francisco, California, United States, Twitter Inc. has more than 25 offices around the world. Created in 2006 by young American web developers Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, the microblogging service averaged at 328 million monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2017. On the day of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Twitter proved to be the largest source of breaking news, with 40 million election-related tweets sent by 10 P.M. (eastern time) on that day. In their early days, Twitter was referred to as twttr becaus... Read More

Published in: Aug 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Founded on February 4, 2004, Facebook has now become the biggest social media network on the Internet today, both in terms of total number of users and name recognition. The American for-profit organization is based in Menlo Park, California. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, launched the site as a Harvard Sophomore at the age of 19. The site was then known as The Facebook. There are over 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook as on March 2017 and about 1.15 billion daily active mobile users indicating an increase of over 18% compared to the last years statistics. This automatically makes it one of the strongest mediums to connect with other people all over the... Read More

Published in: Jul 2017

Current logo of Google The largest search engine company of the world, Google Inc, is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PhD. Students of Stanford University with a mission to provide access to the worlds information in one click. Apart from the search engine, the company operates more than 50 Internet services and products, deriving nearly 89% of its profits from Adwords. LOGO CHANGES Google has changed a lot over the last 19 years from the range of products to the evolution of their look and feel. Google began in 1996 as a research project by Larry and Brin when they were both PhD students at Stanford University, California... Read More

Published in: Jun 2017

Current logo of Amazon History Named Named after the worlds longest river, Amazon.com, Inc., more often referred to as Amazon, is an American e-commerce giant based in Seattle, Washington. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezoz, used to work at Wall Street after graduating from Princeton in 1986. Long before Amazon became the brand it is today, one-stop shop for shopping any product online was just an idea buzzing around the head of 30-year-old Jeff Bezoz. Amazon which is currently the largest internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization was initially started as an online bookstore, originally named Cadabra, an abbreviation of Abracadabra on July 5th, 1994. Howeve... Read More

Published in: May 2017

IPL 2017 Captains pledge allegiance to MCC's spirit of cricket IPL stands for Indian Premier League and is the most successful T20 format to-date. It is a professional T20 league that was started by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2008 and held every year in April and May. Moreover, its a platform for all the local players to play at a much higher level to get the best environment for nurturing themselves into professional cricketers and entertain cricket fans around the world. There have been 9 seasons so far; the current one being the 10th. Each team has a mix of Indian and foreign players where only 4 foreign players can play for each team. IPL Seasons & Winners 2008: ... Read More

Published in: Apr 2017

Sir Allen Lane For a company logo, a flightless bird might seem a bit unusual, that too for a company which is on the verge of revolutionising the publishing industry. However, in the last 82 years, Penguins logo has become an iconic brand charged with cultural and political significance. HISTORY BEHIND THE COMPANY LOGO In the earlier days, one needed to be rich or had to buy a library membership in order to read a good back but it is not the case so today. By introducing dirt cheap paperbacks, Penguin books not only transformed the industry but also made the database of books available to every person in every corner of the world. Penguin paperbacks were the brainchild of Allen Lane, then a... Read More

Published in: Mar 2017

Paul Allen & Bill Gates The name Microsoft needs no explanation. After dropping out of Harvard, the 19-year old Bill Gates teamed up with his friend Paul Allen in 1975, to revolutionize the history of computing. What emerged out of it was Micro-Soft, a multinational computer technology corporation. Shortly after, their main vision became equipping every home with a personal computer. Four decades and three CEOs later, Microsoft has grown into a huge empire and continues its dominance in personal computing around the world. The company will be celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year, and it marks the witnessing of great triumphs and disappointing failures during their journey.Microsoft... Read More

Published in: Feb 2017

Renault Headquarters Over a period of 100 years, the French automaker giant Renault had changed or modified its logo 11 times along with the fonts. Renault headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. was founded by three brothers Louis Renault, Marcel Renault, and Fernand Renault 118 years ago on 25th February 1899. The logo changes came for Renault at different times of its evolution from being a car manufacturer to tank manufacturer during World War I. Apart from cars it made lorries, vans, buses, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and auto rail vehicles. Louis Renault on Voiturett 1 CV Later in 1999 its alliance with Nissan made it one of the largest automobile makers in the world. As stra... Read More

Published in: Jan 2017

Nike, Inc. is a leading American Global giant that has grown to be the worlds largest marketer and manufacturer of athletic footwear and apparel. It is a brand that started with a mere $1200 in the bank, struggled initially to get adequate funding, and later emerged to sign endorsement contracts with world class athletes across the globe. WHO PLANTED THE SEED? Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, two running enthusiasts in the 1960s had a passion to innovate running shoes for athletes. Bowerman was a track and field coach at the University of Oregon while Knight was a middle distance runner and student at the University of Oregon, with Bowerman as his track coach. NIKE TODAY They manufactured not ... Read More

Published in: Dec 2016

While the entire country is going through a bewildering phase due to the demonetisation effect, lets first take a quick look at the history of our currency, when did we first receive a symbol for Rupee, the power of the demonetization effect and its pros and cons per Vast. HISTORY OF RUPEE Today, more countries across Asia and Africa use the Indian rupee than any other currency. Of course, the rupee is accepted on the capital market in the West and in most countries in Southeast Asia and the Gulf, but it has a long way to go to gain free and full convertibility. History records that India was among the earliest issuers of coins (6th century BC). The first rupee was introduced by Sher Shah Su... Read More

Published in: Sep 2016

Toyota is the worlds largest automobile auto brand. Barring 2011, when a tsunami hit Japan where Toyota Motor Corporation is head quartered, the company has been leading the worlds automotive industry since 2008 when it had surpassed General Motors. The Toyota logo is one of the most recognizable global emblems and is associated with exceptional reliability, innovation and great value. Yet, the famous oval logo was introduced only in 1989. Toyota believes that conventional petroleum product-drven cars will be extinct by 2050 and that most of its sales will be driven by hybrids. With its pioneering efforts in the application of new technologies, Toyota is moving towards serving a low-carbon so... Read More

Published in: Aug 2016

Apple Inc. has revolutionized personal computing and lifestyle since it was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. From the Macintosh to iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches, Apple has been introducing ground-breaking products that give a new interpretation to personal devices. Viewing these introductions from the lens of Apples logos across the years gives a new picture. 1976: The Newton Crest Apple logo was, originally, a rectangular design with an image of Newton sitting beneath a tree. It lasted barely a year, giving way to the familiar apple logo. Vaastu View Apples Newton logo gave a dull and dark look. This gloomy look brings bad luck and doesnt work well f... Read More

Published in: Jul 2016

CURRENT MCDONALDS LOGO McDonalds logo is instantly familiar and needs no introduction. For the last 76 years, it has been filling hungry bellies with delicious burgers. The famous food chain restaurant was started by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald back in 1940, that served only barbecue alongside its burgers and guess what fries werent even on the menu. With the evolution of McDonalds, not only has the quality of its meals improved substantially, but also its logo. McDonalds is the one of the worlds best most well-known and valuable brands and it dominates the market globally in quick service restaurant management. The first ever McDonalds store opened in 1961 in Doraville, Georgi... Read More