Vaastu Directions And Tips

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Published in: Oct 2017

After a tiring long day at work, when you come home and see your pet dog running to greet you at the door, you feel comforted and loved, forgetting all your worries in a moment. Our pets love us just like our family members and make us feel important by expressing their love and care for us. This is the reason dogs have been considered as a mans best friend. In fact, cats, rabbits, birds, cows etc. are equally good pets and Vaastu plays an important role to create a balance between our lives and nature. Keeping animals in cage isnt advised at all according to Vaastu. If you see Madrid's layout, North West consists of Ancient Egyptian temples, official residence of the Spanish Royal family, m... Read More

The key to understand the importance of various Vaastu methods is acceptance. As in general construction of our surrounding, the very normal arrangement of overhead beams might affect our progress and focus. Beams at various locations - be it professional or our safest zones of homes, could affect the normalcy of our routines. We have noticed that students work hard but arent able to do well in exams. People dont get sound sleep at night. Sometimes it is because of their ill health or they are affected by sleep apnoea syndrome. People working late hours at office often tend to lose productivity and focus in the long run. Even in the government offices, people sitting under the beams and colu... Read More

In the busy world we live today, construction has increased greatly and indiscriminately. The speed with which infrastructure projects are undertaken and completed in record time bring their own risk. Entire construction industry is divided into different branches and the main elements of a holistic ethos have gone missing. Looking at the recent trends in last two decades around the world, the scenario of construction and infrastructure has changed dramatically. I can talk with authority as I am part of it being engaged as a professional in this field for very long. Bigger projects like Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and other public buildings keep changing hands often leading to fall in profits... Read More

Published in: Jul 2017

For a layman buying land is as difficult as buying diamonds. One must see clarity, colour and cut of a diamond before buying it while for land five vital elements viz. Earth, Space, Air, Water, and Fire play a vital role as per Vaastu Shastra. A Vaastu compliant land or plot radiates positive energy while a non-Vaastu complaint land can generate negative energy if there is a problem with the direction, light, wind, materials used in construction and the type of structure being built. There are five important aspects in selecting a land such as soil, location, topography, direction and shape. Primarily in buying a land one needs to have closer look at the quality of land itself. Viz., Type Sh... Read More

Brahmasthan is the 9th direction in Vaastu Shastra. A principle of Vedic architecture and community planning Brahmasthan designates the center point of a building or geographical area. Vedic architecture is based on Vaastu Shastra. It is a special central zone in a building. It is the point from where all other directions originate and relates to. Being central to any structure, it is relevant to all shapes and structures. It is arrived at by dividing the structure or the place into blocks of 9 squares and the central block being the Brahmasthan. Brahmasthan figuratively means domain of Lord Brahma and the holiest spot of the house. As per Vaastu, if any heavy objects are placed in the Brahm... Read More

Published in: Jan 2017

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the North direction is known as the direction of life itself. Mercury is the God of finance, banking and economics. Out of all the 8 directions (10 as per Vaastu), North is the most important direction in Vaastu. North means finance, comfort, luxury, money, food, social status. During our existence, every living being wants to become stronger - economically, financially, as well as socially. North is a sacred direction surrounded only by positive energies. Hence, it is recommended to keep the North of a home or factory open. Lord Kuber the treasurer of all Gods is the ruler of this direction. No matter how small or big a business is, there is no economics without... Read More

Published in: Dec 2016

Known for bringing stability in life, the West direction is ruled by the planet Saturn also known as the planet of disciplines and responsibility. Lord Varun rules this direction the deity of rain, fame and fate. Usually, west direction isnt considered very auspicious; however, if handled well, it can prove to be a lot beneficial to Residences and Business both. Vaastu originated from the lakshagrah episode of Mahabharat when Sthapati started building structures giving rise to Indraprastha, the capital of our country which is now known as Delhi. The science of Vaastu is a study of directions aimed at creating an equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature (solar energy of the s... Read More

Published in: Sep 2016

Mention the word South in the context of Vaastu and people respond with wariness. Many pass an immediate judgement that the direction is bad. By its association with the South, they believe that the South East direction too cannot be good. Nothing can be farther from the truth. All directions are good, according to Vaastu. The key factor is that each direction has its own positive and negative energies. You must consider these when designing the internal layout of the house. The South East direction is the intermediate direction between the South and the East. Hence, it carries the energy of both. It is also called Agneya or Agni Sthan and as these names indicate, the fire element prevails h... Read More

Published in: Aug 2016

Sun rises in the East and sets in the West Theres more to this statement than just science. East is the governing direction of solar energy. St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy had rightly stated, A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. Not only does the East brighten our home, it is also the direction from which we receive positive energy. To go back to the basics, the aim of vaastu is to bring about a balance between the atmosphere outside the home, factory or office and the atmosphere within. To attain this balance, vaastu uses the panch bhoota, the five elements that are the basis of creation earth, fire, water, air and ether. It also uses the earths magnetic ... Read More

All directions are positive and all are negative a contradictory but a valid statement. As mentioned in our scriptures, in ancient science of Vaastu, it is what activity you do and what structure you build that decides whether it will have a positive or a negative impact. South has so long been misunderstood and disliked as a negative direction. True, it is negative for certain activities. For example, main entrance to the property etc. But do not forget it is one of the most powerful directions it is the direction associated with absolute power and political or commercial strength. Most of the upcoming new cities, as well as other major cities are South-facing. In real estate, properties lo... Read More

North East is the direction of God and hence is considered the most auspicious direction in Vaastu Shastra. Its the direction where most powerful, positive and progressive energies are generated. Once these positive energies enter your home, they enrich you with health, wealth, prosperity and overall abundance. The main entrance of the house is the most important subject while discussing Vaastu principles. As per these principles, of the eight directions, the North East is considered the second best option (while the East is considered the best.) North East is said to be ruled by Lord Shiva and the planet Jupiter. The direction is also known as Ishaan because the head of Vaastu Purush is sai... Read More

Published in: Sep 2015

VAASTU FOR NEWLY WEDS! Let the forces of Vaastu guide young couples too! Newly weds should enter into a marriage keeping the tenets of Vaastu in mind, for a happy, fulfilling married life. SOME DONTs: Couples should avoid using the north-east direction for their bedroom. Black and brown colors should be avoided in the bedroom. A computer or TV placed in the bedroom is also not advisable. They could be covered with a cloth in the night, if keeping them there is unavoidable. Paintings that symbolize violence, negativity, sadness should not be kept in the couples bedroom. Iron or metal beds are not preferable. A master bedroom for a couple placed in the southwest direction of the house is the m... Read More

Published in: Sep 2013

In this article, instead of giving Vaastu tips, I shall dwell upon some of the rituals and ceremonies that - as per Vaastu - punctuate the construction process. I do so because I have noticed that many of these practices are disappearing or are followed only in drastically reduced formats during the construction process. Read More

Vaastu does not differentiate on grounds of religion, cast or creed. Any prayer is a submission to the Almighty. Vaastu says all worship is sacred. It could be Allah, it could be Christ, it could be Mahavir, and it could be anyone. What Vaastu enjoins is that it should be performed at specific zones within the built space. Read More

Published in: Jul 2013

Beginning in the mid-1980s, the advent of the personal computer and fax machine, along with breakthroughs in telecommunications created opportunities for office workers to telecommute, leading to the creation of home offices. Telecommuting also benefitted employers in the form of lower overheads and potentially greater employee productivity. Technology has also placed a demand on larger businesses to employ individuals who work from home, in the form of employees or as independent professionals. Read More

Published in: Jun 2013

One thumb rule that must be strictly followed pertains to the number and size of doors and windows in a house. Number of Doors and Windows The number of doors in a house should be 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22 Basically the doors should be in even numbers . However, it is important that the number should not end in zero. Similarly, the above formula applies to windows also. Even number windows should result in cross ventilation. In the Mahabharata Lakshagruhastory there was only one door and that is why Vidhoormade an underground exit for the Pandavas to escape. Read More

Published in: May 2013

In our previous issue we spoke about kitchens and other miscellaneous issues. In this months feature we shall discuss Study Rooms and Study Tables for Children. Where to study When the children return home from school and get to their homework and extra studies they must do so facing the east or north direction. Read More

Published in: Apr 2013

Very often, I see people taking a lot of pain to implement Vaastu and then make Vaastu blunders that can easily be avoided. Also, I have noticed that many people feel that they cannot implement Vaastu seriously, abandoning the implementation altogether. This is very sad and this practice should not be followed. Whatever Vaastu can be implemented, must be implemented. Even a small Vaastu implementation can go a long way. In this series, Dr Ravi Raos Vaastu Tips, I shall give simple tips that can be of great help in the house, office and even in factories. I hope readers will start implementing what they read. Read More

This article recapitulates basic and fundamental Vaastu principles pertaining tothe Kitchen.Man is the subject, objectand cause of Vaastu. He perceives Vaastu in relation tohis experiences with the surrounding worldand its influence. Read More

Published in: Mar 2011

In the previous issue our Vaastu Alerts article spoke about the various shapes of plots and their repercussions. This article deals with the tricky issue of handling of odd shaped plots. Ideally one must avoid any odd shaped plot and instead go only for a four cornered rectangular or square shaped plot. Number of Corners Given below is a rating of Vaastu potency of a plot depending on the number of its corners:- Four corners is best. Five corners is bad. Six corners is worse than a five cornered plot. Eight cornered plot is worst of all. Alignment with the cardinal directions However it must be remembered that there is an additional dimension and that is the alignment of the plot with the ca... Read More