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Published in: Mar 2018

Could you please tell us about your professional background? I started my trade business of shoes in around 1997-1998. It was originally called Bata but the government couldn't run it. The government released a tender for which we applied and won. That is how we got the business. It all went well for the next few years after which the business slowed down due to competition. I am not sure if it was something wrong with our office due to Vaastu inconsistency. So, we were looking for somebody who can guide troubled businesses regain the lost momentum. One of my friends told me to check with a Vaastu Consultant Dr. Rao to whom he introduced me as well. We showed him our factory and he told me t... Read More

Published in: Feb 2018

THE FIVE GREAT ELEMENTS AND VAASTU- PART 3 WATER Earth is called the blue planet because of the existence of water. Water covers 3/4ths of the earths surface as oceans, rivers, lakes and seas. This is the amount of water that can be seen. But water exists in other forms too, as water vapor in the atmosphere, as ice in glaciers and underground as ground water. Water is the elixir of life; it rejuvenates, refreshes, energizes, detoxifies, cleans and heals. We could not survive without water. Water is as essential as the air we breathe or the food that we eat. It is indispensible for all living beings. We need water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, agriculture and generating power. Wate... Read More

Published in: Dec 2017

Mr. Parikshit and Nehal Chudasma Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements? Parikshit Chudasma: At a very young age I have been associated with my family business that deals in the field of entertainment and coal mining since last 25 years. Recently I started my new venture of hospitality and services to experiment and expand into different horizons. Nehal Chudasma: Academically I am MBA in finance and have been working in banking sector since last 17 years. I have worked as a designation of Gujarat Regional head in Axis Bank for 10 years. In June 2017, I left the job to start my career as an aspiring entrepreneur. Front view of the office What are... Read More

Published in: Nov 2017

MR. NITIN PATEL - Owner at N.H. Engineering What is the scope of manufacturing engineering in Gujarat in upcoming years? I believe that Gujaratis are the engine of India not only because it has a very good economy but also as a good future for engineering industries. However, we still need to do a lot of innovation in engineering, so we can speed up the turn around time to compete with the Europeans and Chinese marketers which we will see in a few years. I see a good future in Chemical and agricultural industries especially in Gujarat, because they are innovative and create business opportunities. Recidence - Courtyard Could you tell us something about your new factory? It is an engineering ... Read More

Published in: Oct 2017

MR. BHARAT GARG Director of Karan Letex Limited Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements? I am a commerce graduate and I have been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years. Initially, we were into different supplies and later, I moved into exports of garments which I initiated 15 years ago. When did you start your business? I started my first business in the year 1993 and thats the year I formed my company. I became the director of this company while I was still pursuing my graduation. How well do you believe in Vaastu? I strongly believe in Vaastu based on my own life experiences for the past 18 years. I have gone through a very bad phase of my life... Read More

Published in: Sep 2017

DR. ANURAG SHARMA Director at Ojas Hospital What difference has Vaastu brought in your office? I think after making the changes as per Vaastu, there is a lot of peace of mind now, with no big problems clogging my mind now. A couple of months ago, I was disturbed for a month or so; however, I recovered and everything's going fine now. What advice would you give to other people regarding Vaastu? I think that while we are making our homes or offices, it is better to construct it according to the principles of Vaastu so that it exudes positive energy and influence. It becomes really difficult and tedious to re-construct the place as per Vaastu later, if not done initially. So, I would suggest th... Read More

Published in: Aug 2017

MR. K V BHASKAR - Managing Director of VPL Integral CFS Pvt. Ltd. Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements? I have done my Post graduation in M.Sc. Ed. from a very prestigious institute, Regional College of Education NCERT under Utkal University in 1981. I was very fortunate to have been among the 20 students selected from all over India in my batch. Can you tell us how you met Dr. Rao? I joined a group called VIZAG PROFILES which had a group of like minded entrepreneurs. With them, I started my business journey in Steel manufacturing and infrastructure. We purchased a sick Steel Industry in 2008. That is when I came across a highly learned author... Read More

Published in: Jul 2017

MR. SHIV KUMARCEO AT MAPLE SOFTWARE PVT. LTD. Please tell us something about yourself. I was born in Andhra Pradesh and had my basic schooling from Vishakhapatnam. I graduated in engineering from Manipal and did my masters in computer science from USA in 1994. After a few years into the sea food business, I started my software business in 1999. The software industry was in full bloom in 1999. We specialized in web designing for B2B and B2C markets but in late 2000, the markets went down making us shift our focus on other areas of operations. Later, we moved to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Electronic Medical Records. We trained our existing group of people. We worked on this busine... Read More

Published in: Jun 2017

MR. SANDEEP MITTAL- OWNER OF MOHANVILAAS RESTAURANT & BANQUET Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements? I graduated in Arts from Delhi university and started my career into Hotel industry in 1986. I was very much interested in this field which is why I took the initiative back then. We started with a small venture, The Mohan Restaurant &Banquet in Ashok Vihar, Delhiand currently own 3 banquets in Delhi. What ignited the idea to start this business? My father worked as a contractor in construction industry, so he owned a plot which was used for restaurant and banquet purpose. I was in 12th standard during those days and I saw that the hotel... Read More

Published in: May 2017

Mr. Ashutosh Lala Owner of Pintoo Garments, Ahmadabad Please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements. I have completed my Chartered Accountancy in the May 2008 wherein I was an all India rank holder. After that, I did a 1 year course in garment production and technology from NIFT Gandhinagar. I have also done a few other courses that would help me in my business. After completing my studies, I joined my family business of garments. Education helped me in growing our business by bringing in new concepts and I feel that if you want to join your family business you must take suitable qualifications to create a stronger base. Tell us something about pintoo garments a... Read More

Published in: Apr 2017

Mr. Harsh Ajitsaria OWNER, RAMESHWAR UDYOG PVT. LTD 1. Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements? I belong to a Marvadi family originating from Calcutta where I initially did my schooling and later moved to Delhi. I completed BA Economics from Hansraj College, Delhi. Being from a Marvadi family, our previous generation was already into various businesses for which they passed the baton to me. Currently, we have our business based in Ahmedabad and Calcutta. In Ahmedabad, we have spinning mill and garment factory and in Calcutta, we have flour mill and Aluminium Trading. Apart from this, we are also involved in merchant exports of Yarn. Both the fact... Read More

Published in: Mar 2017

Mr. Punit Shah MD, INFINITY FURNITURE LIMITED Can you tell us how you met Dr Rao? About 15 years ago, I had consulted a few Vaastu consultants and was not happy with the results. Then I wanted to move to a new showroom but was confused on how to go about it. Someone invited Dr Rao and I was introduced to him. That day, I wanted him to come to my office and as he was preoccupied, I managed to meet him as he was on his way to airport. That was March or April 2003. He asked me a few questions and immediately approved the site and also told me what I can expect in the next few months change for the better. He also gave possible dates when events would take place. You have known him since 2003. H... Read More

Published in: Feb 2017

Mr. Ashit Shah is the CEO of Antarc Furniture based in East Africa. According to him, Vaastu has played a major role in the transformation of their business, making Antarc a leading furniture and lifestyle store with over 19 years of service. INTERVIEW How did Dr Rao make Vaastu relevant to your home? I remember the days when I first met Dr Rao 12 years ago. He suggested Vaastu changes and explained the reasons for doing so. The first change was in early 2000. In one of our factories, the toilet was in North-East which was not Vaastu compliant. At that time, I was also advised by two other Vaastu consultants that the toilet needs to be demolished but no reason was given. Dr Rao clearly state... Read More

Published in: Jan 2017

MR. KANDARP AMIN MANAGING DIRECTOR AT ARCHIT ORGANOSYS LTD. Please tell us about your professional background, academic achievements and how you happened to start this business. After completing my B.Com, I stepped into the trading business in 1980. It is an unusual story. When I was in college, all my friends used to come by scooter whereas I went on a bicycle. I noticed that their fathers were businessmen, and not salaried employees. So, I decided in third year of my college itself that I will start my own business no matter what industry it is. After my college, initially, I worked as an accountant in a small firm for 2 years with a meagre salary of 350 rupees a month. I used to leave for... Read More

Published in: Dec 2016

Mr. Tony Sahni To know the views on Vaastu awareness, we met up Mr. Tony Sahni Managing director of Securex Agencies Ltd., a securities and investigations firm based in Kenya. ABOUT HIM Mr. Tony Sahni is a self-starter who has progressed to become the managing director of his own export company before returning to Kenya to establish a Group of Companies. He is a charismatic leader that places great emphasis on market research, quality service and customer care. He is an ardent follower of Vaastu and in this interview, he talks about his experiences with Vaastu and Dr. Rao. INTERVIEW Sir, we have made some significant changes in the layout as well as content of Vaastuyogam and being an avid r... Read More

Published in: Sep 2016

INTERVIEW Himanshu Vyas, Founder & Chief Consultant of HMV Business Consulting ABOUT HIM Himanshu Vyas is a business consultant with rich experience in market strategy and research and in corporate growth and profitability. He also advises companies in employee development, team work and accountability. HMV Consulting has helped many companies achieve high growth rates. Company Logo The HMV logo has been designed as per Vaastu guidelines to be in sync with their business. The Vaastu-friendly colour combination of Blue-Red-Blue has been chosen since the business requires Mr. Vyas to think aggressively, yet with in-depth research that helps him become a subject-matter expert. The role of bl... Read More

Published in: Aug 2016

Chairman & Managing Director Somany Ceramics Floor tiles, wall tiles and claddings, faucets, showers and sanitary ware, Somany Ceramics offers them all, turning your house into a dream home. They make every rupee you have saved up for your home worth its while. We bring you an exclusive chat with Mr. Shreekant Somany, Chairman and Managing Director of Somany Ceramics, at their corporate office in New Delhi. Somany Ceramics is one of the largest manufacturers of glazed ceramic tiles in India and are at the forefront of technology. In a freewheeling chat, Mr. Somany gives advice to fresh entrepreneurs and talks of e-commerce, the real estate market in India, of Vaastu as a science and of br... Read More

Published in: Aug 2016

Entrepreneur Hardik Shah is the owner of a chemical trading company. A friend advised him to incorporate Vaastu principles when he realised that things were not right with his house. Following Dr. Ravi Raos advice, he made changes to his home, turning it not only into a Vaastu-friendly home, but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Name of the Society: Aalay Bungalows, Ahmedabad Duration of Residency: 14 Years Owner: Mr. Hardik Shah MR. HARDIK SHAH WITH HIS FAMILY The Interview Why did you decide to have your home renovated? No matter how much we took care of our diet and lifestyle, my family and I would fall sick with one illness or the other continuously. Taking pills made things okay for a ... Read More

Published in: Jul 2016

Vaastuyogams team met up with Mr. Rajesh Shah who is a successful Kenyan businessman. From plastic manufacturing, Mr. Shah has now ventured into properties. He shares his tryst with Vaastu and how his story convinces people to adapt it. Read on... MR. RAJESH SHAH Our readers would love to know about you, Mr. Shah. So let us start with a brief introduction My name is Rajesh Shah and I am based in Nairobi where I was born and brought up. We have got a family based plastic manufacturing industry in the city which is run by me and my brother Vinay and me. How are things at the Business end? It could not be any better and most of the credit goes to Vaastu. It was in the year 2004 when I was introd... Read More

Published in: Jun 2016

MR. Girish Ajoomal All in Ones Faith Says Girish Ajoomal, Director of Ajoomal Asociados. In conversation with the team of Vaastuyogam, this eminent IT Expert shares his personal experience with Vaastu and his thoughts on the infrastructure of Spain, where he is based, and India, from where he belongs. Read on... When exactly did you associate yourself with the Principles of Vaastu? Since the last Six years. Did you observe any changes? Well, I can say, first we were in combined offices, later we separated them and reworked them on the basis of Vaastu. Now our loss making firm has become profitable to me. How important is Vaastu awareness for todays young entrepreneurs? Not only for young ent... Read More