Current Affairs – September

Current Affairs, Sep 2016

Astrology National Convention – Hyderabad

Dr. Ravi Rao, eminent practitioner of Vaastu and Mundane Astrology and editor-in-chief of Vaastuyogam was the speaker at the Astrology National Convention held in Hyderabad on 28 August. The convention was organised as part of the 6th convocation of Yoga Samskrutham University of Florida, USA.

Dr.Ravi Rao spoke on the topic, “Predicting the Democratic Leaders – The Election Method”. He presented the Inclusive Methodology of Mundane Astrology which formed the basis of his predictions of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He took the audience through the methodology and his prediction that BJP would emerge the victor, as well as the astrological significations that indicated Mr. Narendra Modi’s ascendance to the Prime Minister’s chair. Dr. Ravi Rao is also the author of ‘A Nation’s Prophecy: The Inclusive Methodology of Mundane Astrology’.

The convention was organised under the guidance of Mr. N.V.R.A.Raja, Chairman of JKR Astro Research Foundation.

Predictive Medical Astrology and Advanced Predictive Astrology: ICAS Workshop

ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter initiated its series of Astrology workshops by organising a 2-day workshop on the subjects, ‘Predictive Medical Astrology and Advanced Predictive Astrology’. Prof.K.L.Narasimham, professor at ICAS Visakhapatnam Chapter brought his years of experience as lecturer and astrologer as well as his extensive research on the subjects to share the predictive methods.

The workshop was held on 20th -21st August at the Ahmedabad Management Association. Medical astrology is a relatively less-practiced domain and the workshop sought to advance the knowledge and predictive abilities of astrologers within this crucial area. The workshop was attended students as well as practitioners of astrology.

Mrs. Gayatri Devi Vasudev to hold ICAS Ahmedabad Workshop in September

Renowned astrologer, Mrs. Gayatri Devi Vasudev will hold a 2-day workshop being organised by ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter on 17-18 September in Ahmedabad. She will speak on the subjects – Foundation of a Chart, Longevity, and Astrology as an Investigative Tool.

Mrs. Vasudev is the daughter of the late Dr. B.V.Raman, and is the Editor of Modern Astrology. Her academic career in physics and mathematics and later on in law from Bangalore University was spotted with distinction and University ranks, but she turned to the study of astrology after her college studies. Gayatri Devi Vasudev has authored many books on astrology, including ‘The Art of Understanding Kuja Dosha’, ‘The Art of Matching Charts’, ‘The Art of Prediction in Astrology’, ‘Advanced Principles of Prediction’, ‘Clues to Interpreting Charts’, ‘Practical Horary Astrology’, ‘The Story of Dr.B.V.Raman for Children’ and ‘How to Judge a Horoscope – Volume II’.  She has also compiled the book ‘Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes’ covering Dr.B.V.Raman’s pioneering work in forecasting weather and earthquakes based on the principles of astrology.

If you are interested in taking part in the workshop, please contact Mr.Ketan Talsaniya, Professor-ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter on 079-26862783, 98255 03530 or email him at The workshop will be conducted in English and Gujarati.