December 2017 Edition

Editorial, Dec 2017

Greetings from Vaastuyogam! This month we are publishing a Vaastu story on Lothal- The City of Mound. It is considered as one of the most prominent cities of Indus Valley Civilisation. Located in Bhal region, its excavation started in 1953 in south-west direction. Many important objects like pottery and other various objects were collected.

It is said that people in Lothal have fair knowledge of Vaastu and they implemented the technique in their architecture. It has been observed that Lothal had one of the most well maintained drainage and underground water management system. Even though the city dates back as ancient times, their construction was so ardent systematic and modern that after constant scare of floods, their peripheral walls and nearby areas were maintained efficiently.

The slanting nature of FedEx logo wasn’t turning it to be profitable for the brand and has been through many marketing turbulence. Combining the prefixes of two words and with graphics made the company a global brand with much wider acceptance. In the logo, the colour white denotes space and speed, whereas the shape talks about the longevity and fonts are associated with the business model. It is advisable for the modern business people and start-up seekers to connect their business to the nature of activity and the corresponding planets.

Basement offices should follow Vaastu principles. If not observed carefully, it can bring bad luck especially for the industries like garments, printing, legal and CA firms. Rectangular and square shaped offices are considered to be good. Even the flooring plays a massive role in beatifying the look of the houses. Floors are of big importance, and has its own significance of strength and weaknesses. Split floor on the ground floor brings long term illness in the family.

In Vaastu meter, we have interviewed Parikshit and NehalChudasma MD and chairman of Urbansocial venture Pvt. ltd. And Progressive consultancy services, the interview covers their opinions on different segment of service industry and start-up and their interaction with Dr Ravi Rao and Vaastu.

In “Ask the Expert”, we have answered all the questions asked by our readers. One of the most interesting fact about Vaastu is that it is visible as well as invisible of all Panchbhutas. The magnetic energy can be felt as the gravitational force but can’t be gauged. All these forces together constitutes Vaastu as whole.

In the section of Architectural Marvels, we talked about Great Wall of China and how it was built by different dynasties in different place to protect the territory. The great wall was not just a wall, it was an integrated defensive military system with watchtowers the surveillance, fortresses the command posts and logistics.

Hope you like this edition- Happy Reading!