Helmets colors

On the colour of helmets

What will be the colour of helmet you would prefer to buy? Or you already have a helmet and want to learn more about the right colour? Are you aware thatthe colour of helmet has an Astro connection?

As you know, helmets are used as a head gear by people who ride two-wheelers or work on construction sites, mines etc. Helmets are mostly made of metal. In recent times, helmets made from resin or plastic and typically reinforced with Aramid fibre (Twaron or Kevlar) are popular. So consider these aspects before you buy/wear the helmet. Most people across the world wear helmets with different colours, especially Black or Red. Let us now read about the planets that govern these helmet colours.

BLACK colour: Helmets with black colour are governed by SATURN. It represents life and longevity.

RED colour: Helmets with Red colour are governed by MARS. It represents vehicle motion and long travelling.

WHITE colour: Ideally, helmets should have WHITE colour. This is a neutral colour and favourable to both the planets. So always prefer to buy a white-coloured helmet.