IPL Logos – Capturing A Billion Dreams

Logo Story, May 2017
IPL 2017 Captains pledge allegiance to MCC’s spirit of cricket
IPL stands for Indian Premier League and is the most successful T20 format to-date. It is a professional T20 league that was started by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2008 and held every year in April and May. Moreover, it’s a platform for all the local players to play at a much higher level to get the best environment for nurturing themselves into professional cricketers and entertain cricket fans around the world.

There have been 9 seasons so far; the current one being the 10th. Each team has a mix of Indian and foreign players where only 4 foreign players can play for each team.

IPL Seasons & Winners

2008: Rajasthan Royals

2009: Deccan Chargers

2010: Chennai Super Kings

2011: Chennai Super Kings

2012: Kolkata Knight Riders

2013: Mumbai Indians

2014: Kolkata Knight Riders

2015: Mumbai Indians

2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad

2017: To be announced on 21st May

Tournament Format

This year’s tournament features 8 teams that played in the previous season. The 2017 IPL season started on 5th April and is scheduled to finish on 21st May with Hyderabad hosting the opening and the final matches.

Here’s a lowdown on the format of the tournament.

  • Eight teams to play 56 league matches.
  • Teams to play each other twice on round-robin basis.
  • Top four teams qualify for playoffs.
  • A win gives two points.
  • A No Result (NR) match gives a point each to both the teams involved.
  • No points for a loss.
  • In case of tie, super over will decide the fate of the match.
Sunrisers Hydrabad – After winning the finals last year(2016)

Kolkata Knight Riders

OWNER: Shahrukh Khan,
Juhi Chawla, Red Chillies, Jay Mehta

SRK owned KKR has the most vibrant colour logo and jersey compared to other franchises. Their logo tagline, “All the King’s men” and “New Dawn, New Knights” too makes it a class apart. It is believed that the logo has been designed representing Goddess Kali. The knight with his Viking helmet armour and shield represents KKR in the best possible way.

Overall, a good shaped logo. As purple colour isn’t quite friendly with sports, luck wouldn’t support them always. As the franchise owners are good and the sound of “Kolkata Knight Riders” is good, the franchise does very well not just on the ground but off the ground as well by having a huge fan following and a huge merchandise to sell which makes it a profit making franchise.

Chennai Super Kings

OWNER: India Cements

Named after the rulers of Tamil Empire and Cements’ brand “Coromandel King”, the logo of Chennai Super Kings depicts a golden roaring lion with the team name Chennai Super Kings having the crown over them.

Youth, enthusiasm and burning desire are the key elements that describe the logo.

They have had their own setbacks. As a team, they have showed amazing results by holding the winning title twice. When a franchise goes down, it is less on the logo front and more of a managerial factor.

OWNER: Preity Zinta, Karan Paul,
Ness Wadia, Mohit Burman

Aggressive, strength, dominating, and defending are the key elements of the Kings XI Punjab logo with two lions on the shield. The strength and resilience to conquer are the qualities each player must possess. The KJHPH on top of the logo represents the spirit of the regions of J&K, Himachal, Punjab and Haryana.

The best team on paper with a ton of bad luck. The Red outraged lines keep them from performing their best. They have the best batting and fielding department; however, the bowling section is weak. The logo is reasonably good which makes them the most consistent team in IPL.

Rising Pune Super Giants

OWNER: Sanjiv Goenka

A purple cricket ball surrounded by a golden ring and a pair of wings on two sides. The name of the cricket team is written around the ball. The golden ball seems to be Quidditch inspired while the wings being inspired by Bentley.

One of the best teams on paper; though being low profile. They have some of the best brains and each player becomes a hero when the team needs it. Their logo is perfect in shape and size and is a very fine balance of everything a team would ideally require to be a winner.

Gujarat Lions

OWNER: Keshav Bansal

The logo represents a golden roaring lion in a heptagon shaped box. The primary colour of their jersey is red, along with a blue strip on the top, around the chest and neck.

The logo uses a heptagon shape with a roaring lion inside. It has five cuts causing setbacks for the team and making them unable to play to their potential.

Mumbai Indians

OWNER: Mukesh Ambani,
Reliance Industries

Initially, the proposed team name was Mumbai Razors; however, legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar suggested the name, Mumbai Indians. The main element of the Mumbai Indians logo is the razor blended with Indian national flag colours Saffron, White and Green, along with blue which is the jersey colour of Mumbai Indians.

The name “Mumbai Indians” has an ethnic sound to it. The team has changed their dressing colour twice and have won the IPL tournament twice. The colour combination of Saffron, Green, White, and Golden along with the razor shaped logo make it a profitable franchise. They are a strong contender for this year as well as next year’s tournament.

Delhi Daredevils

OWNER: GMR Group (Infrastructural Company)

The logo of Delhi Daredevils describes the favourite pastime of Delhi, “Flying Kite”.
It describes the love of every Delhiite towards the game of cricket. The shape and design resonates forward movement, speed and accuracy.
The previous logo showed a cricket ball on fire portraying the fighting spirit of the team.

The name sounds as deep as the colours Red, Blue, and White. At first look, the logo looks confusing. Because of its forgettable shape, the logo is difficult to recall. They are a good team on paper, but fail to perform on the ground. Colour and shape plays a vital role in pushing them to the last position.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

OWNER: Kalanithi Maran, Sun TV Network

The Sunrisers Hyderabad have a strong logo depicting an Eagle with the rising Sun in the back. It reflects that the team would take flight like an Eagle. Having a sharp eye, it will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. Eagles love the storm. Instead of fleeing away, they fly into it and use the storm to rise higher.

Sun being friendly to sports, they are the best fighters on any significant day. They are primarily represented by Eagle, which is a planner.
Precision and execution are the qualities the team shares with the Eagle. They too, are a strong contender for this year’s tournament.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

OWNER: United Spirits

The RCB logo is an emblem with the team name Royal Challengers Bangalore written inside. The logo consists of two colours: Red and Golden and the Royal Challenge is because of a top-selling beverage brand owned by Vijay Mallya.

Unfortunately, due to ownership and shareholding disturbances, the team couldn’t perform well despite the logo being good. They have had enough experience facing finals; however, every time they reach top four they breakdown.

Rajasthan Royals

OWNER: Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty, Lachlan Murdoch

The Blue coloured logo is circular in shape and has letters RR written with typographical fonts depicting royalty. The majestic design is highlighted by two lion buglers. The team jersey and the logo share the same colour Blue while the logo typography consists of golden fonts.

The logo, fonts, colour, typography are all very good; however, due to personal reasons they have been restricted to play for two years.

Sahara Pune Warriors

OWNER: Sahara India Pariwar

The Pune Warriors logo was a tribute to the great Maratha warriors of the yore. The logo depicts a stallion with a warrior carrying a spear. The silhouette of the warrior is over the tricolour, with the name “Pune Warriors India” above that. The logo also has the “Ashoka Chakra” in place of ‘O’.

Black colour doesn’t go well with sports; hence, they played the tournament for a limited time and were later replaced.

Deccan Chargers

OWNER: Deccan Chronicle, Gayatri Reddy

The Deccan Chargers, also known as the Hyderabad Deccan Chargers was a cricket franchise based in the city of Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League.

Here, the Bull is their strength. However, black colour doesn’t support sports for a long time, and hence, it ate the muscle of the company (finance) due to which they were later replaced by Sunrisers Hyderabad following a successful bidding.

Logos are as much based on Vaastu as they are on Astrology and Numerology.

Logo analysis is a verdant field of astrology and applying these ancient shastras of India makes it resourceful. Truth is the strength of IPL Logos and its relevance to the team has lot to do with it even to the extent of predicting the outcome of a complex game like cricket.

In Dr Ravi Rao’s soon to be launched book, “Sports Astrology: The Inclusive Methodology”, one can understand how parameters such as number on a player’s jersey, its colour, the nation’s birth chart of the two opposing teams and the likely planetary influence are used to predict the outcome of the game in surprisingly accurate way.

This sports astrology book has analysed World Cup, T20 and IPL matches with 21 case studies and is meant for both initiated and uninitiated in astrology.

Logos are as much based on Vaastu as they are on astrology and numerology. In Dr Ravi Rao’s soon to be launched book, “Sports Astrology: The Inclusive Methodology”, one can understand how parameters such as number on a player’s jersey, its colour, the nation’s birth chart of the two opposing teams and the likely planetary influence are used to predict the outcome of the game in surprisingly accurate way.