Logo Strength in The Corporate World

Logo Story, Feb 2009

sumariaMr. Jayesh Shah is the leading Plastic Processor in East Africa. He is heading Sumaria Group in East Africa. In the recent Interview with Vaastuyogam, he shared some of his experiences with regard to logo and Vaastu. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your company s logo?

We took long time in developing our group logo. We realize that the logo was strain and it was not showing right spirit of our group. So we decided it needed a branding that will clearly and cohesively present the company s features on the international scene. Users who are new to the Internet, users with dyslexia or low literacy levels or users who simply can t be bothered to read you re carefully written text can easily be directed around your site by logo.

That is the one of the many reason that we changed the logo many a times but didn t get the positive energy from the logo.

Right now the logo is perfect as per Dr Ravi Rao s suggestion and according to our group requirements. Under this logo we feel energized, emotionally attached; trust between us is reflected in our foundation and family values are reflected.

Due to the design, the color, the shape, and eventually additional elements of the logotype, each one can easily be differentiated from other logotypes. Sumaria Group logo can be recognized to its unique typography and distinctive coloring.

What you tell to other business person, associates, friends and your colleagues about Vaastu?

I am very much in contact with Vaastu. Including my family members I give the information about Vaastu to all my business associates, colleagues and friends about Vaastu. It is matter of faith and belief as some of them take Vaastu seriously and other just pass the word. If you ask me same question 3-4 years back, I would rather say it is matter of hard work and destiny. But now I think Vaastu too play an important role in our daily routine. By following Vaastu it doesn t guarantee smooth flowing of life but it need time to restore everything in matter of time.

sumaria1Please tell us about your Vaastu experience?

Ever since Sumaria group came in contact with Vaastu, Sumaria group reviewed the production site from last financial year. Looking at the success “ things are moving well for about third quarter of last 2 years. We got investment in South Africa Company and we did get positive response, return and cash at same time. This is good. We have to grow the business according to company s strategy much more in terms of transaction & turnover.

Vaastuyogam: Where do you put yourself in East Africa in plastic business?

The plastic business which is so far is number one in East Africa, in terms of transaction and turnover. We have three companies “ two companies are in Tanzania and one company in Kenya. If we put all the companies together “ in processing transaction we are number one in East Africa. In particular the two companies in Tanzania are doing very well. In this calendar year both the companies of Tanzania are performing well and giving good output. I think we will close very well in the year end with the products such as injection molding, PT wear and pipes.

We had problems in the company in Kenya in 2008, basically due to political problems in the region as compared to 2007. However, some progress in 2007 helped us to deal with the present problem. All other companies of our Group are doing well. We have restructured by taking out non-core companies out of the group. So now we are out of investment in detergent soap, toothpaste and Mozambique. Pharmaceutical is turning well from the May of this year. We are one of the largest pharmacy companies. Bottling is doing well for past 4-5 years but we are out of the name investment and detergent.

What is your new focus at this time?

Sumaria group s new focus will be investment in Dubai. The Group s new ventures will be more innovative in new areas of business as also the plastic field. We will like to find new areas of business to expand our business to new heights. By following Vaastu, you can change the future of a company and get good results out of it.