London Part-2



London Bridge – One of the world’s most recognize landmarks

This essay is in continuation of the one published on London, under our Town planning series last month.

London is, without question, the international finance and business capital of the world, the world’s greatest global financial center and the most culturally diverse city that you can find.

Badge-of-the house of windsorAs we mentioned last month London has grown to become one of the most significant financial and cultural capitals of the world. It is home to the headquarters of most of the UK s top 100 listed companies (the FTSE 100) and more than 100 of Europe s 500 largest and a major participant in international financial markets.

London is a unique combination of residential, industrial, business and administrative activity and part of the global financial network through participation in the inward and outward investment opportunities of its citizens. It also has an appropriate business environment and economic freedom facilitating the ease of doing business on account of quality infrastructure, international transportation, local transportation, and ample availability of commercial property and offices.

The Global Financial Centres Index ranked London as the foremost financial centre of the world. The Global Financial Centres Index is a ranking of the competitiveness of financial centres based on 26,629 financial centre assessments from an online questionnaire together with over 60 indices. It is compiled by Z/Yen Group and published twice a year by the City of London Corporation.

Dr.-Ravi-Rao.The House of Windsor

The British crown has a long history. Its origin is usually traced to Egbert of Wessex, who united a nation of warring tribes when he was recognized as sovereign over the English kingdoms in 829. Windsor is the name the royal family of Britain adopted in 1917 by proclamation of the British king George V. The change was made to show the antipathy of his British subjects toward Germany during World War I. The name was taken from Windsor Castle. Reigning members of the house of Windsor have been George V, Edward VIII, George VI, and Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional head of state of 16 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

The largely faultless conduct of the Windsor Kings and Queens have often been obscured by the trials and follies of their immediate family   and these royals have been subject to highly publicized innuendo, gossip, rumors, and sniggering. Queen Elizabeth II has been at the receiving end of public ire on account of the buffoonery of her daughter-in-law Sarah, Duchess of York, and also because of the acrimonious parting of Charles and Diana, with its televised confessions of adultery on both sides and the subsequent death of Lady Diana.

House of Windsor

According to Dr Ravi Rao there is a sound Vaastu reason for the fact that London continues to remain the financial capital of the world. The river Thames, the most important river in England, follows a generally eastern course through London and a few kilometers below Gravesend it expands into a wide estuary and enters into the North Sea. Additionally the north- east of the city is depressed. As per Vaastu this is very propitious for financial strength of the city.

As far as the House of Windsor goes, it is the debilitated South-East of the Buckingham Palace that has caused the women of that place to come under a shadow, face public ire and even untimely death.