Vaastu Meter, Feb 2017

Mr. Ashit Shah is the CEO of Antarc Furniture based in East Africa. According to him, Vaastu has played a major role in the transformation of their business, making Antarc a leading furniture and lifestyle store with over 19 years of service.


How did Dr Rao make Vaastu relevant to your home?

I remember the days when I first met Dr Rao 12 years ago. He suggested Vaastu changes and explained the reasons for doing so. The first change was in early 2000. In one of our factories, the toilet was in North-East which was not Vaastu compliant. At that time, I was also advised by two other Vaastu consultants that the toilet needs to be demolished but no reason was given. Dr Rao clearly stated the reason why it should be done. He also told me I would notice the difference in the next couple of months. Prior to this, our business generated revenue but could not realise profits. After the changes business really took off and I could see the transformation.


Antarc Furniture – Logo

Living in Kenya, how do Indian Kenyans respond to Vaastu and would you recommend it to others?

Some take Vaastu positively and some negatively. Some even get offended. It’s a question of dignity for them like, “Are you telling me I don’t know what I am doing?” These people don’t believe in the idea of external laws of nature playing vital role and shaping ideas in us. Whenever I recommend Vaastu to people, I always give myself as an example of how it changed my life. Unfortunately, people believe in Vaastu only to take a shortcut. When they are asked to change something, they are not willing to and then blame vaastu for not showing results.

Can you tell us something about your logo?

Our current logo has turned out to be very strong and has impacted the brand. We changed the logo because we wanted to add vibrancy to colours and fonts. Also, we had long taglines for the logo. While changing the logo, a change in tagline too was inevitable. When Dr Rao was here last year, he came up with “Design Your Dreams” which was perfect for our logo. It was structured well catching the eye. So, it has created a strong connectivity in the minds of people.

Antact Furniture Office

How has been your experience working with Dr Rao?

I have had a wonderful time. He is available whenever I need him most. His inputs coming through WhatsApp or phone is quick. He explains the reasons and suggests ways to improve even a bad situation which further cements my trust on him.


In an interview with Vaastuyogam in 2011, Mr. Ashit Shah said that “Getting Vaastu right is not a matter of chance.”“ Antarc is an icon  of  Vaastu perfection and Dr Rao’s Vaastu proficiency”, he says.