Mr. Atish Patel

Architect's Voice, Sep 2016
Ar Atish Patel , Ar Raman Aras , Ar Arpana Joshi

Mr. Atish Patel’s core skills are his ability to understand town centres and to provide innovative urban design solutions that fulfil client requirements. Mr.Patel is a graduate in Architecture from the Institute of Environmental Design, India in 2002.

He worked as a freelance architect on many residential projects before he discovered his passion for urban design. He then went to the United Kingdom to pursue his Masters in Urban Design at the University of Greenwich.

Mr.Patel firmly believes that unlike in earlier times, Vaastu awareness is increasing by leaps and bounds among all age groups.

Principal Designer at ARA Associates – Mr. Atish Patel

Education – University of Greenwich

Architect’s Impression of a Vaastu-based site

The Interview

What is the current position of the real estate market? What is likely to change in the near future?

Let’s divide the real estate market into residential and business domains. If we talk about residential development, I would say that the market is growing steadily, but there is an oversupply of apartments and new houses. At the same time, a lot of commercial development is in the development phase while some are in the pipeline. This clearly shows the current mood of the real estate market.

The future of the real estate market in Ahmedabad is going to be good in the coming years. While the residential market is already stagnant, the commercial market is undergoing rapid growth in this area. But, it will be in the same situation as the residential market in the coming years. Properties in prime locations will hold their prices and are likely to grow, but the rest of the developments will not show growth in their property value.

What is your view on Vaastu? What is the view of other architects?

Vaastu for me is pure science and nothing other than that. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding Vaastu in an architect’s mind due to false information given by the illogical Vaastu experts. They practice Vaastu by providing illogical inputs, which lead to impractical designs and hence, architects think twice before deciding to work with Vaastu experts.

Does Vaastu implementation hinder your work?

We have worked with a Vaastu expert for the first time when we worked with Dr. Ravi Rao. After working with him on a private residential project recently, I would like to say that the client was very pleased to see the way he explains each and every point logically rather than saying it for the sake of following a rule. We didn’t face any hindrance in our design concept and in implementing the overall look and feel of the house. In fact, it was a pleasure working with him.

Colleges are introducing Vaastu as a compulsory subject in the final year. Do you think it will help future architects?

I have not studied Vaastu in my college days, as it was not a subject back then. However, yes, I do feel that knowledge of Vaastu would be really good for future architects as it would make the process much easier than it is now. It’s a science and there is no harm in applying it.