Mr. Himanshu Vyas

Vaastu Meter, Sep 2016


Himanshu Vyas, Founder & Chief Consultant of HMV Business Consulting


Himanshu Vyas is a business consultant with rich experience in market strategy and research and in corporate growth and profitability. He also advises companies in employee development, team work and accountability. HMV Consulting has helped many companies achieve high growth rates.


Company Logo

The HMV logo has been designed as per Vaastu guidelines to be in sync with their business. The Vaastu-friendly colour combination of Blue-Red-Blue has been chosen since the business requires Mr. Vyas to think aggressively, yet with in-depth research that helps him become a subject-matter expert. The role of blue is subtle, helping him stay focused on his core skills while red drives the aggression. The plans and strategies that he formulates require him to maintain peace and calm. Hence, blue has been placed on either end with red in the middle.



What changes has the logo made in your personal life and in your business?

After having this logo made for my company, client responses have turned far more positive which enables me to do more for them. Most importantly, the consulting methodologies that I have administered in different companies at different points in time have become streamlined. Hence, the flow of my entire consulting process has become smooth.

I felt the need to undertake more reviews with my clients. Once I implemented these, I have been able to drive more areas of progress with them and push the results to the extreme. This has made the whole approach more result-oriented, so all my clients receive greater gains. Business is performing well. It has increased three to four times in the last one and a half years.

Has Vaastu-awareness in the public risen in recent times?

Yes, definitely. However, I still feel that there is plenty of scope for generating higher awareness across the globe. People are still not very sure if Vaastu is a science or just a cult in which some have blind faith – andh shraddha. Currently, they don’t interpret it as an amalgamation of scientific principles which were discovered by our ancient sages during the vedic times. Only those who understand these principles and believe in them get associated with it easily. To others it becomes another monotonous religious taboo which they shun.

People believe that Vaastu involves a lot of digging and drilling inside the house and that it makes them do things which usually, they don’t prefer to. However, if you want to follow it, do it diligently without a shadow of doubt. Most are able to understand the energy it empowers them with only when they view it from the scientific perspective.

Plenty of social media options are available today which, if used effectively, will help in spreading awareness of the importance of Vaastu across the globe.

Do architects check the feasibility of constructing buildings based on the Vaastu science?

The architects whom I know design offices for small scale and large scale businesses. They do understand the importance of Vaastu. If clients insist, they evaluate the requirements and then build it according to Vaastu if it is feasible.

Some architects don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Vaastu and hence, cannot run a thorough diagnosis if an element is wrong as per Vaastu. Therefore, they are not the surgeons in this case but can act as general practitioners and can help people identify incorrect directions in their offices or houses and can then make a recommendation that the client approach a Vaastu consultant.

Would greater number of architects turn towards Vaastu in future?

I do think so. During the past couple of years, when I was surveying land for my office premises, I heard builders mention the fact that the building was Vaastu-compliant. Now, this happens only when the awareness is at the consumer, that is, at the end user level. Builders would include this piece of information on their flyers and brochures as well. On an average, every individual buys a house only once during their entire lives. It’s a huge investment – ranging from Rs.50 lac to 5 crore. Hence, buyers too want it to be Vaastu-compliant because they have started realising its importance and want value for their money.

How should our readers perceive Vaastu?

My advice is, you should take it as a science and not take it as a superstition – andh vishwas or andh shradhha. If you operate within this science, your energy levels are definitely going to be higher, giving a boost to your productivity. This eventually gives you the growth you have always strived for, and hence, you should comply with the principles of Vaastu and should respect them.