Mr. K V Bhaskar

Vaastu Meter, Aug 2017
MR. K V BHASKAR – Managing Director of VPL Integral CFS Pvt. Ltd.

Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements?

I have done my Post graduation in M.Sc. Ed. from a very prestigious institute, Regional College of Education – NCERT under Utkal University in 1981. I was very fortunate to have been among the 20 students selected from all over India in my batch.

Can you tell us how you met Dr. Rao?

I joined a group called VIZAG PROFILES which had a group of like minded entrepreneurs. With them, I started my business journey in Steel manufacturing and infrastructure. We purchased a sick Steel Industry in 2008. That is when I came across a highly learned authority in Astrology & Vaastu Shastra Dr. Ravi Rao.

Again, we diversified and started a company called VPL Integral CFS (P) Ltd in 2014. As time went by, we were not able to take off well. I again approached Dr. Ravi Rao to help me with a solution. He was very kind and gracious to change our company logo and design our Business cards. A turn around happened and slowly, we could find positive results.

Dr. Ravi Rao is an authority to give solutions for companies with perfect colour combination for their logos, stationary, websites, Vaastu. With his guidance, stability and growth will come in business enterprises.

What ignited the idea of starting this business?

Way back in 1980’s, I was trained to teach Life Science for +2 students in Kendriya Vidyalayas in our country or I had the option to pursue Research studies in Science.
Later, I started working as a Post-graduate teacher in DAV Public School, Bhubaneswar for a few months with a starting salary of Rs.1450/- per month. However, my heart was pulling me towards starting a business. Time went by and I joined a Cement industry in quality control department with a stipend of 700/- a month, which was half of what I used to draw as a teacher. I was inspired by a works manager who told me that it would take 10 years to reach 14,000 a month as a teacher, but in the cement industry, you may reach 70,000 a month in less than 10 years.

VPL Integral Logo

What have been the challenges faced by you?

Well, life began rolling once I started work in some Cement Industries. During that phase of my life, I had wonderful opportunity to travel across our country and visit many places. Came 1990’s and reforms started in our country. Inflation and interest rates were at peak. Reforms started luring the entrepreneurs in our country. I returned to Visakhapatnam looking for opportunity to do some business with Vizag Steel Plant. That is when my business journey started.

VPL Integral Factory

Is your logo Vaastu compliant?

Yes, very much. It has been designed by
Dr. Rao’s team under his guidance. The logo has been playing a key role in our on-going upward journey.