Mr. Naren Patel

Others, Mar 2010

Nairobi based flower grower explains his rosy present on account of wholehearted Vaastu implementation.

Mr.Ravi Patel & Mr. Naren with Dr Ravi RaoThis month, in our International Footprint, we feature Nairobi based Mr. Naren Patel who grows roses under the style and name of Subati. The name is derived from the fact that Subati rose farm is located between two villages Subukiya and Bahatey. Sub – ati. So that s how the name is derived. The farm is spread over 24 hectares, all under green house. It is 2000 meters above sea level on the equator and this is an ideal situation for growing roses.

Subati is one amongst the top exporters of roses from Kenya. They grow 43 different hybrid varieties of roses. These roses have no fragrance but – as compared to fragrant roses-have a longer vase life of almost up to 15 days. Around 85,000 rose stems are harvested daily. All of these are exported to various countries like Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, Japan, etc. The flowers are delivered to the airport from whereon the importers agents takeover the responsibility. Subati is not into the logistics of distribution and retailing of the roses.


We met Mr. Naren Patel in our office when he was visiting India for social reasons.

Mr.Naren Patel of Subati Flowers

I studied at Rajkumar College, Rajkot for 12 years up to 1974-75. It was a very a happy time at the boarding school. I played basketball for Gujarat state for two years. During my last year there I was the head boy of the school. Thereafter, I pursued higher studies at Wadia College, Pune. It was after this that I went to London.

Initially, I settled in London but came to Kenya after I married and it was here that I started the flower growing business. In London I had a pharmaceutical business. We were manufacturing the drugs in India and selling them to Nigeria. The business didn t have a bright future because of the very low margins, so around 1996 I wrapped it up and moved to Kenya where I have been in the flower growing business for the last 12 years.

However, when I came to Kenya and got into the flower growing business I was absolutely new to the whole thing. My first foray – a farm of about seven hectares-wasn t a success and in fact I got out of it after six years of trying. Thereafter, I worked as a general manager   for a flower growing company for three years.

On Vaastu of his Home

I met Dr. Rao a couple of years ago and from then onwards things started falling in place smoothly.

1We got into Vaastu because my wife Smitha was a keen follower. She is the one who actually initiated the whole thing. She reads Vaastu books and has   picked up important Vaastu background material from them.

Before we met Dr Rao, we had met with another Vaastu consultant, but nothing came out of it. I myself didn t believe in it then and didn t give the subject any importance or thought. It was only after we met Dr. Rao that we got seriously into Vaastu. First, he came to our house and made a thorough inspection . He listed the changes we needed to make in the house. We sincerely did everything he said and it was then that good things began to happen to us. That was when   we decided to follow Vaastu with increased vigor and absolute fidelity.

Truth to tell, we were passing through rough times and the Vaastu changes meant financial strain and three weeks of hassle involving wholesale shuffling and demolition by bull dozers. We were worried, but had no choice.

We were determined to act with alacrity and decisively so that we could pull ourselves out of the difficult financial situation we had landed into. So, we made up our mind that there was to be no dithering and no talk of going back, irrespective of the time, effort and money that was going to get involved.

2We did all this even though at that time we had no guarantee that we would succeed in our objectives. But yet, we went ahead, full steam leaving no stone unturned because we wanted to give the Vaastu experiment a full and fair chance. In Vaastu, to expect   results without doing all the alterations is wishful thinking.

We understood this and so we did all of the changes wholeheartedly at one go; no questions asked; no time wasted.

Within a short period of completing the Vaastu based demolitions and renovation we got a sound business proposal that we were able to take up. I left my job and also, around this time we got the proposal for the Zen Garden restaurant that my wife and daughters are running now. Very recently, my younger daughter got married to Ravi Patel, my partner in Subati.

To my mind, it was the improved Vaastu of my house that was responsible for this. The funny thing is that when we did this whole exercise, we were not really on the lookout for results. But the reason we did it, because we said to ourselves, that unless we do it we will never know. So we went ahead and did it.

On Subati Farm

Mr. Naren Patel with Dr.RaoWhen we were buying the Subati farm, we took Vaastu advice from the starting point, so that we would get a good start from the very beginning itself. We did not finalize the purchase of the farm, till we got a Vaastu green signal. After acquiring the farm, we first made the Vaastu changes to it that Dr.Rao suggested and then we got into production. Around the same time, concurrently, Dr.Rao guided us in developing our business logo, etc.

So far we have had no hiccups; everything is moving along smooth and growth is steady. When we began the farm with only 12 hectares but within four months we were able to expand it to 24 hectares; and now we will be putting up another 2 hectares making a total of 26 hectares in a just a   period of two years. We have about 650 people working for us right now.

Vaastu Advice for others

Earlier I might have said that Vaastu is a waste of time, but today I wouldn t say so. If someone were to ask me whether Vaastu works I would not try explaining Vaastu to him but rather my reply to him would be that unless you follow Vaastu sincerely and implement it faithfully in its entirety Vaastu will not work. And up to what extent Vaastu will work, you can never measure. There are no instruments and no promises. You put in the efforts and Vaastu results will follow.

flowerThere are people who say though they followed Vaastu but they did not see the results. Well, my answer to that is that when they are saying they followed Vaastu they must have made one or two of the ten or twelve changes that the Vaastu consultant must have suggested. When you follow Vaastu in this half hearted fashion and when you don t even complete all the Vaastu modifications that have been detailed then how can you expect the full results? Partial, or lethargic Vaastu implementation is the prime cause of poor results.

The trouble is that, for many people Vaastu is the last port of call. By the time they meet a Vaastu consultant, they have already exhausted all other alternatives and also probably are very short on funding. Their situation is desperate. In such cases these people are on the lookout for quick and massive results, even though their readiness to make Vaastu changes is only partial.                   It is mostly in these cases that we hear complaints that Vaastu is not good enough or that Vaastu did not work for them.

Mr. Ravi Patel with Dr.Ravi RaoIn my case I have faithfully implemented Vaastu in toto and can say without hesitation that having implemented Vaastu we have fared well. It s the whole package of business, home, health and peace of mind that we are talking about here. I will not sit down and measure the exact role and proportion that Vaastu has played in my success. I am not looking out at any quantum guarantees or quid pro quo. I have immense mental peace and the satisfaction that after I went the Vaastu way I have not encountered nasty   downturns. I am not facing obstacles or any bad luck. Things are progressing. Our hyper lifestyle has cooled down somewhat. We are experiencing less and less hassles. Life is happy and business is running smoothly.