Mr. Nitin Patel

Vaastu Meter, Nov 2017
MR. NITIN PATEL – Owner at N.H. Engineering

What is the scope of manufacturing engineering in Gujarat in upcoming years?

I believe that “Gujaratis” are the engine of India not only because it has a very good economy but also as a good future for engineering industries. However, we still need to do a lot of innovation in engineering, so we can speed up the turn around time to compete with the Europeans and Chinese marketers which we will see in a few years. I see a good future in Chemical and agricultural industries especially in Gujarat, because they are innovative and create business opportunities.

Recidence – Courtyard

Could you tell us something about your new factory?

It is an engineering factory. We are manufacturing parts for pharmaceutical industries and heavy chemical industries. Our main client is GM MP Fuller (check the name please). They are pioneers in glass line equipment. Our job is to supply them with the required units and they supply to the main company. This factory is in Vallabh Vidhyanagar. We have our industrial estate in Vitthal Udyog Nagar GIDC. We had the facility for some time but wanted some renovation inside and wanted to increase our production capacity. As I said, if we focus on minimum time and maximum output, we can save a lot of time plus labour issues too. So, we want to cut down our expenses on labour issues and electricity. Margins are less in business productions. So, we want to increase our productivity on how to do work fast.

Residence – Kitchen

What are your thoughts on science of Vaastu?

Vaastu is an Indian tradition and the modern age is now combining Vaastu with the newest technology by introducing applications that can check the Vaastu of your homes and factories. CheckVaastu is an example of one such app. A Vaastu compliant place where we spend most of our day helps boost our power and feel positivity. Our ancestors created this Vedic science for bettering the lives of mankind, so I think it is helpful to everyone who believes in it.

How and when did you meet Dr Ravi Rao?

I met Dr Ravi Rao during November 2014 for consulting my new farm house. My architect Mr. Atish Patel suggested that I should get in touch with Dr Ravi Rao – the renowned Vaastu consultant and even showed interest to come to Anand for the consultancy of the place. Even for Dr. Rao, Anand was a new place and I was his first client in Anand. I was happy with his consultancy during that time and now, I am meeting him again for the consultation of my new factory.

Residence -Front View

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

There are new challenges every day and no full stop or period in the line of engineering as there is always something new to innovate and innovation comes with challenges. Engineering is like an ocean, the more you go into deep waters, the more challenges you will face. The major challenge however, is R&D on a daily basis. We must concentrate with minimum input and maximum output. We also must depend on a lot of other people to get our work done. So, if we do it by ourselves then it would be much better.

Daughter’s Bedroom

Any specific scenario that is memorable with Dr Ravi Rao?
I think all the times we have met are memorable. One incident I recall is the day when we were deciding the fee structure. He forgot to collect the fee once. When he came to my home, I recalled and gave him the fee. He thought that I have already paid the amount in full; however, I told him that as per the discussion, I was to pay half amount initially and half after 6 months. He appreciated my honesty and I still remember that episode of our meetings.

Engineering is like an ocean, the more you go into deep waters, the more challenges you face. The major challenge is R&D on a daily basis. We must concentrate on maximum output and minimum input.
Any Vaastu Compliance place boosts our energy and makes us feel powerful. Our ancestors has created this Vedic Science for better living.