Mr. Parikshit And Nehal Chudasma

Vaastu Meter, Dec 2017
Mr. Parikshit and Nehal Chudasma
Could you please tell us about your professional background and academic achievements?

Parikshit Chudasma: At a very young age I have been associated with my family business that deals in the field of entertainment and coal mining since last 25 years. Recently I started my new venture of hospitality and services to experiment and expand into different horizons.

Nehal Chudasma: Academically I am MBA in finance and have been working in banking sector since last 17 years. I have worked as a designation of Gujarat Regional head in Axis Bank for 10 years. In June 2017, I left the job to start my career as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Front view of the office

What are your thoughts on GST and how will it affect your business and the consumers?

Parikshit: GST is one nation-one tax and it is beneficial for longer run. It has improved the sector of business and eased up for the start-ups. I feel that the council needs to analyse each item very minutely before taking final decision and putting out the decision in public because every decision will have a huge impact on Indian economy keeping in mind to avoid tax evasion in future. There should also be decision on maximum GST, the slab should not exceed more than 15-18%.

The GST Council should control the prices of essentials and daily use product for better lifestyle of common man. Even in entertainment and food business the slab should curb under 5%-14%, as these are the only means of leisure and stress free sources for a common man.

What has been the most challenging sector for you and what have you done to overcome them?

Parikshit: We both believe that in finance and service industry, the most challenging work is to get new clients and make them aware about the processes and documents. The sector we work, it is a pure service industry where even the basics should be in its right form till its completion stage. It was the help from our friends and colleagues working in the same sector that helped us to face the challenges and it is through our knowledge and experience.
Whereas our new projects and venture are still in its initial phases and settling period but it has rose in quite satisfactory pace.

Side section of the office

What ignited the idea of starting this business?

Nehal: After working for 17 years in multinational corporations and different companies like Max New York Insurance, Idea, Airtel and Axis Bank, I wanted to start something that is my own and of my field. The most exciting idea came to me was to start my own consulting services in finance sector. I feel that being a part of service industry, there is a big scope for improvement and success in terms of providing quality and customised service to the clients.

Parikshit: It is the desire of being my own boss and to work at your free space, where you are free to ideate at your own pace and implement it accordingly. Nobody can beat the proud feeling when you build something and it turns out to be successful along with experiencing new learnings.

Progressive Consultancy Service
Neha Chudasma – Director

Can you tell us how you met Dr. Rao?

We heard a lot about him as he is famous in his field in the industry, but we met through in 2016 through our mutual friend Mr. Nishit Shah in 2016. We were awestruck with the way he work and handle his office pace. It is nice to see him, inspiring budding people around him with his aura.

Have you always believed in Vaastu or was it only after meeting Dr. Rao?

We have heard about Vaastu and it effect but after meeting Dr. Ravi Rao, we were keen in gaining more knowledge. It was after knowing him, we understood scientific effect with our birth stars and its connection of Vaastu with astrology. We understood and followed his advice and saw the difference in improvement and betterment at work, family and in our daily lives. Dr Rao’s knowledge about Astro-Vaastu is commendable and very convincing. We feel fortunate and honoured to be associated with him relating our professional and daily life. We are thankful to him being our well-wisher and for guiding through positivity on our business and lives.

Have you consulted Dr Rao for your company logo?

Yes for both of my company (Urban social and Progressive consultancy), we consulted Dr Rao, and his team (ARM Communication) created a beautiful impressive professional logo, that is compliant to Vaastu and gave our company its stamp in the market. We were very elated with the name as well as with the design of the logos.

Urbansocial Venture Pvt Ltd.
Parikshit Chudasma – MD

What significant changes have you witnessed after following his advice?

It was his advice that leads us to have positive impact on our health, family issues and the courage that helped us in starting our own ventures. Because of this, we started our own two companies- Urbansocial Venture pvt ltd which deals in the sector of hospitality and entertainment business and Progressive Consultancy and services that provide consultation on projects of finances and loans.

Would you recommend the new age entrepreneurs to open their minds to Vaastu like you did?

Yes definitely. Many people think its superstitious or a myth but more than that, it is all about science and scientific aspect of it. The subject of Vaastu has been followed since ancient time and just by following Vaastu principles, it can help a lot in giving an immense sense of confidence and positivity.

For both of my company (Urban social and Progressive consultancy), we consulted Dr Rao, and his team ARM Communication created a beautiful impressive professional logo, that is compliant to Vaastu and gave our company its stamp in the market. We were elated with the name as well as with the design of the logos.

What message would you give to readers of Vaastuyogam?

First of all, I would like to commend Vaastuyogam and Dr Rao for taking such an effort in spreading the effectiveness of Vaastu through one of the modes of publication, across the globe. I would advise everyone to follow Vaastu and not consider it as superstition.