North East Entries: Doors to Prosperity?

North East is the direction of God and hence is considered the most auspicious direction in Vaastu Shastra. It’s the direction where most powerful, positive and progressive energies are generated. Once these positive energies enter your home, they enrich you with health, wealth, prosperity and overall abundance.

The main entrance of the house is the most important subject while discussing Vaastu principles. As per these principles, of the eight directions, the North East is considered the second best option (while the East is considered the best.)

North East is said to be ruled by Lord Shiva and the planet Jupiter. The direction is also known as Ishaan because the head of Vaastu Purush is said to be in the North East direction. If you are looking to purchase a plot or a house, you must first ensure that there are no cuts in the North East corner. Lord Shiva is said to reside there and is responsible for the health, wealth, success, prosperity, education and overall development of you and your family.
It is widely believed that the North East direction works as a transmitter for receiving cosmic energy from the universe in the house. This in turn energises the whole house.

While designing a house, it is best to keep more openings in the North East direction than the other 7 directions to gain maximum benefits. If complied with, your house will yield you a lot of a positivity.

Homes with entries in the North East:

  • Have more educated and harmonious people
  • Are interest in Meditation & Spiritualism
  • Are involved in research & Development activities
  • Are well maintained and decorated well
  • Have their occupants leading a happy and healthy life

Significance of North East Direction

  • The North East is a perfect place for Bore-Well or an underground water tank or other water sources.
  • One should never construct heavy objects like kitchens, pillars, staircases, toilets, store rooms, etc. in the northeast direction.
  • In case of a plot, the slope should be from the south to the east. Avoid plantation of tall trees in the Northeast direction. As per Vaastu, South West is suitable for vegetation.
  • More openings with doors & windows in this direction will allow the flow of positive energy into the house. This is the main reason behind not having any blocking in the direction.
  • By creating a garden in the North East, bio-cosmic energies are activated in this direction which enhance the good luck of the inmates.
  • Design the house in such a way that it allows sunlight and cross ventilation in the North East sectors to enhance bio-cosmic fields.
North East as a direction:
If the North east is at lower level and has more space, it results in good health, wealth and a bright future. In North East, it is Jalasthana, or the place of water storage facility.

It is said to bring the owner happiness and prosperity. The North East direction should be used generally as a worship room/puja room. The place should be kept open and empty.

North-East Entries for Plots-House-Offices:
Entries are the major and the most important part of any place. We receive good energies and negative energies exit from an entry.

It is meaningful to learn the importance of entrance. As, a direction can do wonders to that particular place or can harm in the same intensity.

North is the second most auspicious place after East. An entrance of a place from North-East direction can bring in Prosperity, success, wealth, health. People living in such a property will witness happiness, zeal, enthusiasm. They are active and leading the rest in all their task.

Noteworthy points:

  • Kitchens and master bedrooms should not be built in this space. 55% of Vaastu star rating is based on this point.
  • Toilets, Kitchens, Store Rooms etc. bring a decline in fortunes and block positive energies.