Number 4

Numerology, Sep 2016


The number 4 governs the individuals who are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month. Ruled by Rahu, also known as the Dragon’s Head and the North Node, these individuals reflect intelligence, unpredictability, and are masculine and meticulous in nature. They are dynamic and continue to aspire for more even when they have in plenty and can be extravagant.


People falling under number 4 can expect sudden ups and downs and must struggle in life. They face sudden occurrences – beneficial or harmful – when these are least expected. Number 4 people are intelligent, but an air of illusion covers them which can make them commit mistakes. They can be unpredictable too. It is also the reason why rather than logic, they follow a strict rule book and are systematic. On the other hand, they have a good imagination which can take them into creative fields.

Number 4 people are selective in their friendships. They look serious and work hard to achieve their goals. They have a piercing sharpness and can see through the psychological mechanisms of a person’s mind.

They can be secretive and mysterious. These factors can make them good diplomats and negotiators; however, they find it difficult to express themselves clearly. Sometimes, they appear at odds with the world, because they doubt the world and its intentions. They don’t trust people easily and their emotional independence makes them lonely and isolated.

They tend to break customs and norms and can challenge the authority which can lead them down the good or the bad path. They are uneven tempered and can lose temper easily.


Number 4 people are not known for exceptionally good looks. Part of the look emerges from the fact that they do not pay attention to their outfit. They are physically healthy and strong.

They don’t like drawing attention to themselves, and will fight you tooth and nail if you try to break into their territory. They don’t do well socially. They are not visionaries, but are goal-oriented and notice every detail. They have an excellent memory and are good employees when the work involves diligent follow-up and adherence to rules and details.



Number 4 people are advised to choose their friends wisely as they tend to lead an isolated and lonely life, resulting in depression. They are also prone to phobias.
They tend to suffer from urinary infections as well as a weak respiratory system, leading to breathlessness and colds. They could face chronic illnesses like cancer. They can also suffer from addictions.

Lucky Days
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Lucky Numbers
4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of every month

Lucky Colours
Blue, Grey, Black

Lucky Stone & Metal
Hessonite (Gomed) & Lead