Number 8

Numerology, Jan 2017

People born on the 8 th , 17 th , and 26 th of any month are governed by the number 8. It also applies to people who are born between 21 st December and 26 th February. Ruled by Saturn – the planet of symbolism, these individuals are ambitious, goal-oriented, focused and have a lot of energy. They are practical and realists too.

Out of all the single digit numbers, people falling under number 8 could be termed as the most misunderstood individuals. They are safety oriented and don’t prefer to take risky moves in life.


People falling under the number 8 are very diligent and disciplined; however, they are totally misinterpreted in life at times. No matter what they do for people because of their serving nature, they will always feel lonely at heart in the end, probably because it is not easy to love them.

They are also stubborn and frustrated by limitations in life. They are warm headed, possess an analytical ind and may appear cold on the outside; however, deep inside, they are very emotional. They just don’t believe in showing off their feeling much.

They are action oriented, and hence, they would like to do anything for their loved ones. Rather than saying it, number 8 people prefer to do it by willing to offer great sacrifices – this is where the misunderstandings emerge from.

They have a magnetic personality and are also spiritually inclined. So, they look for the spiritual element in their partners too. If they are successful, they will have an eternally lasting relationship for life.

On the positive side, they are very strong willed and determined regarding what they want in life, which enables them to overcome the hurdles and obstacles along the way. They live their life with proper planning, hence, they are patient and hard working too. On the negative side, they could be revengeful if they are cheated and would not forgive people easily. They have an orthodox mentality and don’t accept change easily. Addiction to drugs or alcohol could also be a cause of experiencing multiple failures in life.

People falling under number 8 are normally affected by liver and vein disorders. Frequent headaches and melancholia could also be something they should take care of. Other illnesses they may suffer from are hysteria, joints pain and nervousness.


Number 8 people should benefit more from traveling rather than becoming statically linked to one place. Also, they should not over worry for any given situation and must understand that the solution lies within the problem itself. They should constantly keep themselves involved with activities rather than sitting idle.

Lucky Days
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Lucky Numbers
8th, 17th, and 26th of every month

Lucky Colours
Blue, Grey, Black, Green, Purple, Pink

Lucky Gemstone
Amethyst & Blue Sapphire