October 2017 Edition

Editorial, Oct 2017

Greetings for Diwali! May the lights of Diwali illuminate your year ahead.
This month, we are going to share insights to the biggest temple of the world ever made since the history of mankind. Contrary to the Agama Shastra, the God here sits on the East facing the West with a huge corridor. Angkor Wat is a very popular tourist destination with a dichotomy of Buddhism and Hinduism. How many Hindus in the world know that the biggest Hindu temple exists in Cambodia and not India?

Lord Buddha was born in India and found solutions to all his problems by making the world understand the meaning of understanding oneself – “Be the light itself.” This place is no doubt a Vaastu magnet, due to which it attracts a lot of visitors from around the world.

The black and white logo of Adidas reflects boldness, straightforwardness, and transparency. Black colour indicates hardships. If you want to be fit or participate in an international competition, you must work hard. Any sporting activity is represented by the planet Saturn, which represents the hardships and struggles of life. Adolf Dassler, who started Adidas has carried his vision and turned it into a passionate mission for which Adidas is known in the world today.

We have featured an interview with the Director of Clay Club Innovations Pvt. Ltd. – Heena Kokel in this edition. “We call ourselves Archipreneurs – Architects + Entrepreneurs as we enjoy practicing coherent designing with Architecture – Interiors – Ceramics and Handmade Paper as our media.

Mr. Bharat Garg – Wholetime director of Karan Letex Ltd. shares his experiences and beliefs about Vaastu. “I strongly believe in Vaastu based on my own life experiences for the past 18 years. I have gone through a very bad phase of my life and I have seen things change the day I started following Vaastu”, he says.

Founded in the 12th century, the most significant square of Prague has been witness to many historical events. It started life as the central marketplace for Prague in 1091 A.D. The Old Town Square and the surrounding quarter form the heart of the city of Prague.

In our newly introduced section, I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the comparison between Vaastu – Astrology and how does it affect men and women differently.

We have also featured a short read on importance of pets in our home. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened,” goes a saying. According to the Hindu Puranas, there are certain animals that bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, and any kind of good fortune. Even Vaastu supports this idea that keeping animals at home can change the energy of that place.

Hope you enjoy this edition.

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