RENAULT – The Journey of Logos & Vaastu

Logo Story, Feb 2017
Renault Headquarters

Over a period of 100 years, the French automaker giant Renault had changed or modified its logo 11 times along with the fonts.

Renault headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. was founded by three brothers Louis Renault, Marcel Renault, and Fernand Renault 118 years ago on 25th February 1899.

The logo changes came for Renault at different times of its evolution from being a car manufacturer to tank manufacturer during World War I. Apart from cars it made lorries, vans, buses, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and auto rail vehicles.

Louis Renault on Voiturett 1 CV

Later in 1999 its alliance with Nissan made it one of the largest automobile makers in the world. As strategic partner to Nissan, Renault sold more cars worldwide. It has a 43.4% controlling stake in Nissan (based in Yokohama, Japan) and together outsold their competitors like Infiniti, Samsung Motors, Dacia, Datsun, Venucia, Lada, and Mitsubishi.

The first Renault car was a Voiturette 1CV manufactured in 1898. A friend of Louis Renault took it for a test ride on 24 December 1898 and he was so impressed with the way the tiny car ran and climbed the streets that he bought it the same day. Twelve more cars were sold that night because of its incredible abilities and fuel economy.

Logos in Renault’s historical journey 

The 11 logo design changes in Renault’s long history were as follows:

1900 – The first logo was designed in the way it showcased the initials of all three founding brothers, engraved on a medallion.

1906 – They featured a car enclosed in a cog after securing their first major contract.

1919 – Renault, during World War I, started manufacturing tanks as part of France’s rearming effort. They updated their logo just in time to reflect its product.

1923 – 5 years after the war ended, Renault dropped the tank image from its logo and used the company name on a grill.


Renault adopted the diamond shape in 1925 and their logo designs since then has been based on the same shape. It is the perfect shape for warfare and transportation. In their initial years, they manufactured tanks during the World War I as a part of their rearming effort. These vehicles were later used by the French military to transport troops during the first World War; hence the diamond shape adopted by them later is impeccable for war related machines and transportation.

Logos come in various shapes and sizes. Usually, all logos are square, oval, or circular in shape. Vaastu plays a great role in logo shapes too. Square and circle are friends; they help and support each other. Whereas, when it comes to diamond shape, two triangles make it a perfect shape.

The diamond shaped Renault logo represents the characteristics of a diamond, being tough in nature. The car company has had a long journey in dealing with tanks and other transport vehicles before venturing into cars, especially sports cars for rally racing.
Renault has a strong authority in the making of sports cars and it was so successful that they exported their car engines to American auto manufacturers. Their primary focus however, being on everyday commuting cars. The logo is in sync with company’s vision and may get them the success in the car segment. When it comes to luxury cars though, they may have some setbacks in the medium and long term.

1925 – Renault changed the logo shape from a circle to a diamond. The brand has kept using the diamond shape since then, making minor changes every time.

1946 – Renault became a national brand wholly owned by the French State; hence, added “Regie Nationale” to their logo and refined the diamond cut by adding colour to it.

1959 – They removed the extended branding, further refined the diamond cut and switched to Grey metallic colour.

1972 – A 3 dimensional logo was introduced, making it more technologically advanced paving for the current generation logo design.

1992 – Renault set the foundation of the logo and increased focus on the smallest elements of designing.


2004 & 2007 – They added more details by adding light yellow outline around the diamond cut design, placed a yellow background and switched to a new typeface.

2015 Current Logo

The current version of the Renault emblem depicts the name of the company next to the diamond shaped logo. In their journey of 118 years, Renault has managed to rank in the list of the top innovative companies of the world and the carmaker that has most consistently introduced innovations from the start of automotive history.

Along with the new logo this year, they also launched a brand new signature tagline, “Passion for life.”]