Revival of Astrology’s Proud Origins

Vaastu Meter, Jun 2009


Dr Rao at International
Convention on Vedic Astrology
& Allied Sciences

The Divyajyothi College of Astrology organized the International Convention on Vedic Astrology & Allied Sciences on 1st, 2nd and 3rd May at Bangalore. Learned astrologers from various corners of the globe participated and there was healthy sharing of knowledge and experience. Dr. Ravi Rao was also an invitee speaker to the event; he spoke on the subject Mundane Astrology – Revival of Astrology s proud origins. Several dignitaries from all walks of life graced the occasion.

The subject of Dr. Rao s address was Mundane astrology. He explained that Mundane astrology is the most ancient branch of astrology. It is in fact the oldest known form of astrology – that of the king and his kingdom. In the early days the king did not get a chart for himself, but got one for his kingdom. Mundane astrology was used to predict the timing and outcome of wars, the weather and its effect on the crops etc. It was also consulted for deciding the auspicious time for installing a prince or a ruler. Before taking any important decision involving the public interest the ruler would invariably consult the learned and fearless astrologers. 

mundane1Dr. Rao decried the current focus of astrologers only in personal matters relating to marriage, children, career and health to the total disregard for the astrological fate of their country, state or city. He added further that there are few Institutes that teach mundane astrology methodically.

Dr. Rao then elaborated on some of his methods and illustrated the same with case studies. The high light of the presentation was his discourse on the common string in bomb blasts that have wrecked havoc in so many cities and towns of India.

He ended his note requesting astrologers present there, to push the idea of higher priority for mundane astrology in whichever forum they could.