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Vaastu Meter, Aug 2010

Vaastu “Switches On”

Jaipur Industrialist’s Business

Mr.-Ashok-Agrawal Born 1956 in Jaipur, Mr. Ashok Agrawal began with a retail hardware trading business. In 1956, he moved on to the manufacture of electrical panels and later to SMC boxes. The products are incorporated in all the electricity boards in India as well as by turnkey project companies like L&T etc. His son Ankit, who joined him two years ago handles Marketing.Mr.-Ankit-Agrawal-of-RMC-Switchgears-Ltd.,-Jaipur,-Rajsthan

Vaastu Beginnings

I believe in Vaastu and I also know Vaastu. I was living in a house situated at a dead end. On the insistence of a friend, who was having a local Vaastu practice in Jaipur city, I moved out of that home to stay in a rented house for over four years because around that time I was not in a position to buy a new house. However, rather than staying in an anti-Vaastu place that I owned, I preferred to stay in a Vaastu compliant rented house until the time came when I could afford to build another house.

The moment I moved out of my dead-end home, I experienced all-round relief. I can say that this was the turning point of my life. A major boost was that my manufacturing business, which was in doldrums, began to take off. My faith in Vaastu began to grow. I began implementing it wherever and whenever possible. I also made it a point to learn as much as I could from my Vaastu consultant friend, though I must admit that I haven t read any books on the subject.

Meeting Dr. Rao

My brother, Mr.C.P.Agrawal of Rajasthan Aluminum is also a staunch follower of Vaastu. His is a determined Vaastu involvement in all business enterprise. In fact, Vaastu is an integral part of his business strategy. He has a strong professional relationship with Dr.Ravi Rao and has benefitted vastly from all the Vaastu interventions in his affairs at Dr. Rao s behest. Meanwhile, my business had outgrown the capacity of my factory in the Jaipur industrial park. I was totally involved in the construction of a new plant of 2 lac square feet of constructed space, spread over a plot of 90,000 sq meters at distance of 50 kilometers from Jaipur. Without sounding boastful, I can say that this is one of the largest set up of its kind in India involving plastic, metal and electronics at one place.

My brother, on more than a couple of occasions, had advised me to move to serious Vaastu by associating with Dr. Rao. This idea was on my mind as well and soon enough the time was ripe for us to move ahead to professional Vaastu advice from a senior consultant like Dr. Rao.

Dr.Rao inspected this plot and was very happy about it from the Vaastu angle. My first impression about Dr. Rao was that he was a very bright person and a perfectionist as well. Compared to the several other Vaastu consultants I had seen up close, Dr.Rao has a strong connect with modern technologies and contemporary business practices. For me, this is very important.

On my very first interaction with Dr. Rao, I was swept off my feet with the speed and veracity of his perception. We were driving randomly through the Jaipur industrial park. He glanced at a factory and remarked, “How is this factory still standing?” It was a perplexing comment, since the structure in question was a sturdy RCC building. Within fifteen days of Dr. Rao s comment, there was a storm and it brought down the whole building. What is more, no structure has ever come up in its place again. Over seven years have passed since that day but I am still to fathom how Dr. Rao was able to accurately foretell with such confidence what seemed utterly impossible at that point in time. There is surely some deep underlying Vaastu fault in that place which Dr. Rao caught in a fleeting second based on which he made his statement.

Photographic Memory

RMC-Switchgears-Ltd.,-Jaipur,-Rajasthan1Once Dr. Rao has inspected a site he will remember it in its entirety forever. All details are registered permanently. This is a great boon because I can discuss anything about the site layout over the phone itself and get immediate feedback because Dr. Rao does not need to refer to any site-map a second time.

Luck is the Driving Force

I was in touch with Dr.Rao for quite some time, but have got professionally involved only recently. The timing and the impact are all part of my luck as it plays itself out in my life. Dr. Rao had clearly hinted at this in our earlier meetings. When we finally were working together, my new plant was already under construction and the corrections that Dr. Rao made to the drawings have been sharp pointers to the Vaastu errors that we might have committed. In fact, we are implementing all his advice without any reservations about the expenditure involved. When compared to the total scale of costs involved in the project, the Vaastu part is a fraction. Moreover, cost-cutting in a Vaastu implementation is being penny wise pound foolish. The good part of the story is that these changes are coming in at an early stage, so potential disruptions have been staved off in time.

Holistic Vaastu

RMC-Switchgears-Ltd.,-Jaipur,-RajsthanTo leave no stone unturned and have complete Vaastu compliance, I have asked Dr Rao to re-do my entire logo and corporate identity. This is part of my holistic approach to Vaastu implementation.

I have suffered seriously on account of minor Vaastu transgressions in the past and don t want to risk repetition of the same. Earlier, we had bought new equipment for our plant. For want of space, I allowed it to be installed in a corner not allowed by Vaastu. I knew of this but felt that such a minor deviance from the norm would not result in serious repercussions.

It took less than a month to prove how wrong I was. The brand new absolutely perfect piece of machinery refused to have a smooth run. It kept us busy with repairs and arguments with our Delhi supplier. Our troubles began multiplying with payment delays etc. The last straw was when in a freak accident, an experienced worker lost his arm working on the machine. I gave up. Finally, accepting Vaastu wisdom, I uninstalled the machine and shifted it to its proper Vaastu ordained space. Once that was done, we returned to normalcy. You may find this unbelievable, but even as we were dismantling and shifting the machine, I began experiencing dramatic upswing in the business. From that day, until this moment, that machine has performed without a single breakdown without serious maintenance.

I have learnt since, that trifling with Vaastu has serious repercussions. Vaastu can be obstinately unforgiving; just as it can be generously beneficent.

Looking Ahead

I see good times ahead. Our plants are going ahead full throttle. With Dr. Rao by my side, my confidence levels are at an all time high. What more does one need?