September 2017 Edition

Editorial, Sep 2017

Greetings! Wishing you all a very happy Navratri. May the Goddess Durga remove all your troubles and sorrows and fill your life with the colours of happiness.

This is a special month for us as we are celebrating the journey of Vaastu knowledge with the completion of 3 years. I have narrated my life’s journey in this edition of Vaastuyogam. The nostalgia is strong with the memories. I started practicing Vaastu sometime around 1989 when it was a very new subject for everyone. Fast forward that to 2017 and the awareness regarding Vaastu is amazing. Read the entire story inside.

In the logo analysis section, we have discussed about the logo with the blue bird. The interesting astrological fact about Twitter is it’s 140-character limitation. It sums up to a single number 5 which means Mercury in astrological terms which in turn, characterizes short messages, communication, and media. The bird depicts speed and sound which is again in sync with the colour and shape of it.

Overhead beams and columns in construction are directly proportional to the progress and focus of the people sitting below it. If the beam is above you, it can affect your decision-making skills as well as your sleep, eventually your health. If it’s a hospital, you may end up with more complication while you are being treated as a patient. The solution is to cover them with false ceilings, wooden coverings, or a zinc slab. This minimizes the negative energy and hinders its negative influence.

In Architect’s Voice section, we have featured an exclusive interview with Mr. Pragnesh Parikh – one of the leading building engineers in Ahmedabad and the builder of the first Vaastu compliant commercial building in the city.
In the newly introduced section, “Ask the expert”, we have answered all the questions asked by our readers. One of the most interesting fact about Vaastu is that it is visible as well as an invisible force of all Panchabhutas. The visible forces are: Fire, Water, Air (it is invisible but one can feel it), Space, and Energy. The magnetic energy can be felt as the gravitational force but can’t be gauged. All these forces together constitute Vaastu as a whole.

In the section on Architectural Marvels, we have talked about Rome in all of its unbridled glory. Piazza Navona is a perfect example of urban continuity in Rome. It covers exactly the area occupied by the track of Rome’s first stadium (built by Domitian between 81 and 96 AD). The stadium was known as Circus Agonalis (competition arena), and it is believed that over time the name changed to in avone to navone and eventually to navona.

Hope you like this edition – happy reading!