Others, Jan 2018
If the earth element within our body and home is stable strong, secure, and sturdy we can live a good, healty, long, and successful life!

The universe is comprised of the five great elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. 1/10th of space is air, 1/10th of air is fire, 1/10th of fire is water and 1/10th of water is earth.

Our bodies, as well as the world we live in, are made up of these five elements in different ratios. No one element exists purely without another. Each element also contains parts of other elements. These five elements are the most vital parts of our existence.

The elements in the body correspond to the five sense organs and the five organs of action. Earth is represented with the nose, water with the tongue, fire with the eyes, air with skin and space with ears. Each function of our body that is talking, moving, holding, excretion and sexual pleasures are co-related to the elements.

All the five elements can be related with its various forms. For example, Earth is a planet and can be related with soil, water in its various forms, fire in the form of heat and light, air with its various gases and its combinations, space as infinite existence.

Earth, water, and fire are visible elements whereas air and space are invisible. We know of their existence because air can be felt as breeze and the existence of space is proved through sound. The related action fields of the elements are: earth can be seen, felt, tasted, smelled, and heard through rattling; water can be seen, felt, tasted, and heard through rippling; fire can be seen, felt, and heard through crackling; air can be felt and heard through rustling and space is heard through an echo.


Earth rotates around the sun and around its own tilted axis whereby we get seasons, day and night, gravity, magnetic fields, directions etc.

This helps us in having measurements of time; like day, week, month and year; various imaginary lines; like Equator, the tropics and others help us to divide the space on Earth in measurable quantities; we get the ten directions; like east, west, north, south, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, up and down. The north-pole and south-pole are the two points on earth that affect the climate of the entire planet.

Earth consists of the soil that we walk on, mountains, stone, clay, crystals, minerals, metals etc by which we build monuments, buildings, gardens, roads, homes, and offices. Anything solid with a shape and form is part of the earth.
Earth gives us a sense of finite, a limit, a boundary which helps us to function as humans. We can mould earth the way we want and create beauty in the world.

Without earth, we would be lost in an infinite existence. It gives our body the shape and form that we see it in and can give a name to. This finite body is then given its own set of duties and responsibilities. We give a shape of our home by building walls, creating a structure, rooms with specific functions all because of earth.

Earth is home to billions of living beings. It takes care of all our physical needs of food, clothing, and shelter. It sustains us; it keeps us grounded; it holds us and contains us; it gives us the feeling of security, safety, contentment, satisfaction, sense of belonging and possessiveness.

We cannot say enough about the importance of earth! As far as Vaastu is concerned, the vital part of buying a new piece of land or any other property is that the soil and earth should be checked to see the quality and consistency. The materials used in building any property should be of good and stable characteristics. The foundation should be extremely strong and resilient. A building should be built keeping in mind all the essential factors like being water-proof, fire-proof, earth-quake proof etc.