The Power Of North

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the North direction is known as the direction of life itself. Mercury is the God of finance, banking and economics.

Out of all the 8 directions (10 as per Vaastu), North is the most important direction in Vaastu. North means finance, comfort, luxury, money, food, social status. During our existence, every living being wants to become stronger – economically, financially, as well as socially. North is a sacred direction surrounded only by positive energies. Hence, it is recommended to keep the North of a home or factory open.

Lord Kuber – the treasurer of all Gods is the ruler of this direction. No matter how small or big a business is, there is no economics without the North direction. It is difficult to carry out a business without proper funding, and even more difficult to manage profits and steer it in the right direction.


As per Vaastu, North should be kept open for all the positive energies. North is always for decision making; hence, entry into a house, living room, dining room, open spaces, courtyards, huge lobbies, or places for garden parties are considered good according to Vaastu. When North is taken care of properly, it will take care of all the inhabitants of the house or property.


Because North is the language which everyone understands. Every man’s life revolves around economics – dealing with finances. North is also the most easily understood direction from Vaastu perspective.

If it is mishandled, it has a tremendous power to punish the person. An established company worth crores could go bankrupt if North isn’t taken care of properly. This is also true in case of company transitions. North cut properties are not good because they cause hindrance in their progress.

Whenever North is affected, the people will be under a lot of financial stress. A rich man may be devoid of financial stress but money can get locked and it can result in an increase in frustration. People who don’t have money may need to borrow it from others. Economic stress or happiness is controlled by the North direction.


  • Meeting room
  • Entrances
  • Reception
  • Finance team
  • Executives (not decision makers)

can face east or north while working


  • Guest rooms
  • Children rooms
  • Unmarried daughter
  • Drawing room
  • Living room
  • Water bodies
  • Study room
  • Puja room
  • Gardens


  • Staircase
  • Toilet
  • Store rooms

If house lord occupies North East or North West, they will tend to go weak financially.
It will directly affect their health and long term happiness.