The Power of South East

Mention the word South in the context of Vaastu and people respond with wariness. Many pass an immediate judgement that the direction is bad. By its association with the South, they believe that the South East direction too cannot be good.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. All directions are good, according to Vaastu. The key factor is that each direction has its own positive and negative energies. You must consider these when designing the internal layout of the house.

The South East direction is the intermediate direction between the South and the East. Hence, it carries the energy of both. It is also called Agneya or Agni Sthan and as these names indicate, the fire element prevails here.

The air flows outward from the house in this direction. Hence, it is the ideal zone for the placement of fire and hence for the kitchen. In olden times, although kitchens were located outside the house, they were placed in this direction.

The South East balances the difficult South and the easy-going East, adding plenty of luck at regular intervals in life. It controls the overall health, happiness and prosperity of the family. Venus, which stands for women, rules this direction. Hence, South East represents the women of the family – wife, daughter, mother, mother-in-law, and others. When the women are happy and content, it means the South East is balanced and all the family members progress happily.
Vaastu imbalance in this zone results in negative events, from ill health to quarrels, which lead to an unhappy family life.

When the women are unhappy and stressed, there is a strong possibility that this stress will affect the relationships, finance, health, and the general progress of all the family members. Mistakes in the South East can lead to long-term illnesses in the family too.

Some of the consequences of a poorly planned South East are:

  • Nagging in everyday life leading to unhappiness
  • Distance in family life – members are not likely to join even at mealtimes
  • Differing life styles of family members – they tend to become individualistic and stay in hotels rather than at home
  • Depression, uncontrolled anger, and inconsiderate behaviour
  • Delay in marriage
  • Poor academic performance and even discontinuity in education
  • Falling into bad company