Vaastu For Small Scale Business

Others, Jun 2017

“When the entire world was in its infancy, we, the Indians, were old enough in the knowledge of almost all the subjects of life. When others were wandering in forest without even clothes, we were living in palatial houses seemingly touching the moon in the sky. Whatever knowledge is spread in the world, we are the major contributors in it. If our ancestors had not laid down the tracks of growth with their knowledge, the science would not have grown in the world. The mysteries about which the rest of the world was ignorant, we had unfolded them all in our country “Hindustan”. – Shri Maithilisharan Gupta, the renowned Hindi Poet in his work Bharat-Bharati.

The term “Vaastu Shastra” is a collation of terms, “Vaastu” meaning dwelling and “Shastra” meaning science. The concept of Vaastu Shastra had originated in India around 6000 BC and is believed to have passed from generations to generations through monographs and word of mouth. This is one of the prime reasons why Indians have had great knowledge and belief in Vaastu Shastra. Undoubtedly, Vaastu Shastra can help any business prosper.

Small and Medium scale business, especially, are important from Vaastu view point. A person invests a lot of time, energy, and money working from home to grow a business. Businesses can be of different nature and hence a lot of factors play an important role in giving that initial business push. From Vaastu viewpoint, the company name plays an equally important role as the shape, size, and colour of the logo which are in direct proportion with the nature of the business.

A startup company of any nature should have the primary decision making and knowledge imparting employees face Northern or Eastern side. This makes them more productive, enabling them to complete the work before deadlines. They should not be sitting opposite to doors, toilets, or dustbins. Also, the cabin/work area should be bright, spacious, with enough air circulations within the Office/Home Office. Facing North or East while working would give wings to their business in the best possible way.

From my 15+ years of experience, I can say that irrespective of the industry, whether it be IT sector, jewelry sector, or writing sector, small businesses have made a big impact in their everyday life and have grown to large scale businesses.