Vaastu Importance of Overhead Beams and Columns

The key to understand the importance of various Vaastu methods is acceptance. As in general construction of our surrounding, the very normal arrangement of overhead beams might affect our progress and focus. Beams at various locations – be it professional or our safest zones of homes, could affect the normalcy of our routines.

We have noticed that students work hard but aren’t able to do well in exams. People don’t get sound sleep at night. Sometimes it is because of their ill health or they are affected by sleep apnoea syndrome. People working late hours at office often tend to lose productivity and focus in the long run.

Even in the government offices, people sitting under the beams and columns lack focus and productivity. Beams and columns of RCC or any metal are very deadly if you don’t handle them well in day to day life. If you don’t tend to get good results, there’s nothing wrong in your performance, hard work or your knowledge and efforts. You should rather check the arrangement of your desk.


• If the beam is above you, it can affect your decision-making skills as well as your sleep, eventually your health.

• If it’s a hospital, you may end up with more complication while you are being treated as a patient.

• From my personal experience, if you are a public servant or government employee in any of the Indian government offices, the beams are exposed and no treatment is being done. People who are supposed to be decision makers sit under those beams and work. As a result, their productivity is always low, and even if they want to deliver results, they are not being able to perform resulting in projects getting delayed giving rise to chaos like situations.


You can neither remove the beam nor change the structure. In modern India, beams and columns are must for multi-storeyed structures.

Beams should be covered and not visible. They could be treated well by covering with false ceilings, wooden coverings, or a zinc slab. This minimizes the negative energy and hinders its negative influence.

It is better to not let open beams hinder your progress. So, never ever sleep under the beam exposing yourself. Tendency to fall sick or forget the answers in examination is very high if you study under the beam. It is highly advised to not work under the beams, as that could hamper your prosperity in your professional and personal life.