After a tiring long day at work, when you come home and see your pet dog running to greet you at the door, you feel comforted and loved, forgetting all your worries in a moment. Our pets love us just like our family members and make us feel important by expressing their love and care for us. This is the reason dogs have been considered as a man’s best friend. In fact, cats, rabbits, birds, cows etc. are equally good pets and Vaastu plays an important role to create a balance between our lives and nature. Keeping animals in cage isn’t advised at all according to Vaastu.

If you see Madrid’s layout, North West consists of Ancient Egyptian temples, official residence of the Spanish Royal family, museum galleries and iconic buildings. The administration happens from the North West. The city is symbolized for its welcoming culture. Hispanic women are stronger and more active when it comes to handling business and enterprises. At the same time, Spain as a country, is known for its culture, heritage and competitiveness in terms of sports. The country believes in peace and hence, doesn’t participate much in the wars.

Vaastu Shastra is very prominent in Asia and less prominent in western part of the world. To many, it does not make any sense that Vaastu Shastra works in Asia but is not in Europe or America.

Lot of people believe, pets has nothing do with their fate or Vaastu. Nurturing any animal is extremely good for the family. In India and its nearby countries, keeping cow is considered auspicious and a lot of people feed the dogs on the street and many just take care of animal because they like it. Pets are an integral part of our society since ancient times. In olden times, people used to adopt dogs, cows, and other cattle for economic reasons. In modern times, the lifestyle has changed; not for economic factors, but from the emotional aspects. People like cats, dogs, snakes, fishes, and tortoise. Some even keep wild animals, not in India though.

Pets will protect their family members when a misfortune is going to strike them. It depends on which pet you are going to adopt, how happy you are to keep it, how much time do you spend with them. Dogs require a lot of care and maintenance. From Vaastu perspective, outdoor animals should have their kennel in the South-East direction while indoor animals should have in North West direction to keep them happy.

Another important thing is that they should be taken along while we go on vacations. Pets often become an integral part of the family and leaving them at day care while you are out enjoying could create negativity as they attach themselves emotionally with you (especially dogs) and at times, they even skip meals if their owner isn’t around. Adopting a pet comes with great responsibility so leaving your pet unattended can create a lot of negative vibrations in the house.