Plants and Trees play a vital role in activating positive energy in our daily life. Planting a seed is equivalent to planting a hope and you hope that it brings love, happiness, and kindness among your family members. Indoor plants add an aesthetic appeal to your house. Vaastu Shastra recommends that the plants within your home need to be chosen with utmost care and be placed in the right direction so that they shower positivity and wellbeing on the residents hosting them.

Green plants inside the house can contribute to fresh oxygen and help absorb all negative energies. Proper choice and usage of plants can increase wealth and prosperity of residents. If improper plants are selected or if placed in wrong corners, they can have adverse effects. For example, Peepal and Banyan trees are sacred but should be planted in temple compounds, gardens, or parks but not inside house courtyards.

Since the beginning, humans have always stayed close to the nature and natural elements. Human settlements have been possible only because of water and plantations. So, domestication of animals and trees, along with the type of vegetation provided, stands as a purpose and this is how we start to live and spread positivity around us.

There was no place for trees when the development of cities began. Hence, importance of plantation has lesser value in modern man’s life. People do keep certain sacred plants in home and worship them. One such plant “Tulsi”, is worshipped throughout India, most often regarded as a consort of Vishnu in the form of Mahalakshmi. The Portuguese lifestyle (Goans) keep Tulsi in their backyard. Pipal and Amla trees are worshipped too.

Some trees have medicinal values and cultural attachment. For example, Neem is considered as “Doctor of the Trees” as it has medicinal values and is used for leprosy, eye disorders, intestinal worms, stomach upset, and other diseases of heart.

As per Vaastu, all plants are important except a few like lime and pomegranate trees. The type of plant you should keep depends on the house you belong to. If you have a 2-bedroom apartment, keep Money plant, Tulsi, and Chinese bamboo plant as they bring peace and happiness to middle class families. One should avoid earthen pots for the apartment. Green sheets filled with soil and floral arrangement are a desirable choice for apartment plantation. Also, one should avoid planting Cactus as they are bad for relationships; though, Aloe Vera belongs to a Cacti family but because it has medicinal purpose, one can plant in their house.

For Villas and Bungalows, one should have coconut and palm tree. Trees with longitude like Asoka should be planted on western or southern side. Medium length trees should be planted on eastern and northern side. Thorny trees are not good for homes, villas or apartments; rather, they may be good for farmhouse with more than 5 acres of land. One should not keep plastic trees but wall mounted trees with drip irrigation can be used from Vaastu perspective.

One should understand the importance of watering plants as they keep the fiscal crisis away and bring happiness to the family. Nature always responds to the human sensitivity and touch, as they have life too. Plants play an integral part in human life. By rearranging plants, one can change the Vaastu vibrations of that place.