Vaastu tips

1. Basement Offices: Good or Bad?

Basement offices should follow Vaastu principles. If not observed carefully, it can bring bad luck especially for industries like garments, printing, legal and CA firms. Rectangular and square shaped offices are good for basement.

2. Toilet Door – Direction

Toilet door should not be opposite to the sleeping direction of the head. For example, if you sleep with head in the East, toilet door should not be in the West towards your legs. There can be health concerns in this case.

3. Role of Flooring

Flooring plays a significant role in beautifying the look of the house. Floorings are of different styles and each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Split flooring on the ground floor can bring long term illness in the family. Hence, one should be careful while choosing the type of flooring.

4. Vaastu importance of Pillars

Pillars are the base of any building but having it in the center of your office or house is considered inauspicious and delays the progress of work. According to Vaastu, the number of pillars in your home or office should be even numbers.

5. Family Photographs

Family pictures or photographs give the room a personal touch; however, the pictures of living family members should not be hanged on the walls.

They can be placed on the table. Try not to clutter any one surface. They should be spread evenly throughout the room in a fair way.

6. Photographs of the elderly or deceased

For blessings and good luck, photos of the elderly and now deceased should be placed on the west wall of the house or west wall of the puja room.

7. Photographs of Guruji

Pictures of Guruji should be placed on South or West wall of the puja room. This will bring the grace of the Guru.

8. Puja room makes your home divine

Puja room is one of the most sacred and auspicious rooms of your home. God’s pictures and all the statues in the puja room should be in the East direction, facing the West direction.

9. Importance of Puja room and Prayers

The puja room is the most positive and harmonious room of your home. As you worship, keep religious texts, idols and images of deities, you must also protect this room from negative energies. Do not have prayer pictures or images place above, below or next to any toilet.

10. Vaastu for Kitchen

Stoves in the kitchen should not be in the North East of a house or Apartment. Stoves should have an even number of burners – 2, 4, or 6. Odd number of burners – 1, 3, or 5 aren’t considered good.