Lighting a diya at dawn keeps negativity at bay

Lighting a lamp daily at dawn brings good luck for family. Also, light a diya in your verandah everyday till Diwali. This will remove all negativity from your house.On the day of Diwali, try to light an “akhand” jyot. Fill your diya with enough ghee to last through the night.

Is your child’s study room Vaastu compliant?

The process of learning is what differentiates humans from all other species. For the child to be able to concentrate on the process of learning, their study room must be Vaastu compliant. Children should never study facing South. They could face either North or East.

Overhead water tanks – Good or Bad?

Overhead water tanks are the one placed above the roof of the house. It puts load on the area where it is located. They are better in South or West part of the building.

Money plant and Chinese Bamboo plant keeps negativity at bay

Money plant and Chinese bamboo plants bring luck to family members. They should be placed in the South-East direction (Fire Corner) which is said to be the corner of Lord Ganesh. He keeps all the negativity of the house at bay by keeping everyone healthy and wealthy.

Shoes in disarray blocks the cash flow

Shoes in disarray at main entrances results in unproductive expenditure. As per Vaastu, main door is where Mahalakshmi resides. Rack or any kind of blockage on the entrance creates stress in mind, blocks money and increases the negative energy flow.

Ideal place for water tanks

Water tanks should be placed such that they don’t bring ill effects to the residents. Water tanks have different effects and behave differently when located at different places. Underground water tanks are better in North East for group living (apartments) as well as homes. This brings happiness and prosperity.

Invest in a positive future by planting a seed

It is often said that you plant a hope when you plant a seed. Plants bring in luck and kindness to your house. Some plants are good while some are harmful. Thorny plants should not be kept inside the house as they bring in a lot of negativity; only exception being the rose and lemon plants. Thorny plants are okay for farmhouses though.

Broken and stopped clocks hamper your growth; repair or replace them

Clocks are one of the most important objects in the house. It is the first thing we look at in the morning. They generate vibrations with their constant working dials. That is why stopped clocks should be either repaired, or battery should be replaced. If they are broken, then you should dispose them as quickly as possible and replace it with a new clock.

Fix broken and leaking things as soon as possible

If you sense that life has been slowing down suddenly, you should check for any broken floor or broken ceiling of the house. If the ceiling is leaking, it is considered inauspicious and should be repaired immediately.

Blown bulbs & broken glass

Replace any blown bulbs as quickly as possible. Keep the windows clean and replace any cracked or broken glass.