Reasons you should avoid Black Colour

The main door of the house/office should not be black in colour. It is a negative colour which symbolizes lack of motivation. It may cause despair and brings bad luck. However, black colour will yield better results for bars, night clubs, and casinos.

Dead end plots: Good or Bad?

According to Vaastu Shastra, the location of the site is very important. Some locations are considered auspicious while others need to be avoided. A plot at the end of the road keeps on accumulating negative energy and hence, dead end plots should be avoided as they bring bad luck.

Why South, East, and West are better for sleep

Placing your head in South with feet pointing towards North brings good health and longevity. Placing the head towards East brings memory and concentration for students while West brings fame and prosperity.

Underground waterbody – Tip 1

Water is what gives life to our planet. Without it, there would be no life and hence, it is one of the strongest element of Vaastu Shastra. Water bodies near the house or business premise keeps the energy flowing and improves the flow of life. An underground water body at North East brings prosperity and abundance.

Underground waterbody – Tip 3

Having a water body or natural stream in the South direction will slow down the progress of business. It also bring the risks of illnesses, mental stress and depression.

Number 4 House

There is no need to worry if you happen to live in a number 4 house. It brings order, stability, loyalty, and luck. It is advisable to select a good name for the house and go with the flow, for life is changing in ways you cannot predict.

Basements – Good or Bad?

Basement size should be determined based on the land terrain. They are more effective for individual homes like Villas than for group housing like apartments. Also, basements should not be used for living purpose. They can be used as store room and office. Ideally, basement should not be built under entire house.

Why you shouldn’t sleep in the North

Putting your head in the North and feet in the South while sleeping brings terrible dreams and increased frustration. According to Vaastu, the north pole of the body and Earth repel each other, affecting the blood circulation and causing disturbed sleep.

Underground waterbody – Tip 2

An underground water body at South West will drain wealth in medium and long term. It will also bring serious illness in the family.


Eclipses affect Earth’s electromagnetic field affecting human beings in turn. It is advisable to not sign a property contract on eclipse day. It may lead to bad luck.