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Logo Story, Nov 2008

logosWhat is the definition of Logo and how does it impact the corporates or businesspersons worldwide?   The understanding of corporate logos will be easier when the definition of this term is clear.

The origin of the term Logo can be traced to Greek Logogram or logotype signifying a graphic portion, symbol or an emblem that is meaningfully prepared.     A logo always displays the mission or core values of a specific company or product(s).

anagram-indiaA logo is a design that is used by individuals or companies on a letterhead, advertising format for its proper identification. It allows the viewer to name or find out the brand name, group or product(s). Thus, a logo is a mixture of alphabets and art work that denotes a specific company or an individual running a business.A logo is usually legally registered by a company and was earlier referred to as trademark .

anarThe Indian industry is witnessing sweeping changes and facing tough competition. And Vaastu is one of the best options that can help to survive and make profit in any business.



Dr Ravi Rao has a unique philosophy: he believes and convinces his clientele be it from industries, hotels, hospitals or other businesses that the logo is of immense importance for guaranteed success. In this competitive field, corporate strategies cannot alone guarantee success or profit. Proper logos can make a turnaround faster and easier.

The logo is considered to be the soul of business. The shape and size of a logo determines its performance. Just as man is a symbolic representation of the soul , the logo is the emblematic delineation of the company.

A logo being a visual identity of the company, the colour and shape is of great importance. The colour of the logo indicates the life of a company while the shape demonstrates performance of the company.

lowscaned A good logo , Dr Ravi Rao believes, does not necessarily mean a beautiful or an attractive logo. Similarly, a bad logo is not essentially ugly or unattractive. As per Vaastu tenets, good and bad logos are determined by the flow of energies positive or negative in relation to businesses. In fact, a good or attractive logo may not be suitable for a certain business but a moderate-looking logo can boost a business and also ensure top place in the market. Therefore, getting the right colour and shape of the logo enhances profit in the business.

In the successive issues of this Newsletter, we will deal with more factors related to the logos.

Girish Mudholkar & Malati Puranik