Where To Keep Heavy Objects

A Place for Everything and Every Thing in its Place

Dr.-Ravi-RaoThe Vaastu Alert series is meant for people staying in flats and in multi-storied structures. As a note of caution, please consult a reliable Vaastu Shastri before making any changes to your room and homes.

In this essay, we talk about the appropriate places for keeping various objects in a flat.

Since several occupants of flats are tenants, I want to make one point very clear. Whether one lives in one s own house or in a rented one, it must be borne in mind that Vaastu effects are universal. Though it is a common belief that it is the owner and not the tenant who is affected by good or bad Vaastu, this belief is untrue. To take an example, if you are in a faulty vehicle, it will not be the owner but you who will be injured in the event of an accident. Same is the case of good or bad Vaastu.

I have observed that in flats, irrespective of the vaastu design of the structure, the occupants are the creators of their own woes by placing heavy objects in the wrong places. Let me add that even if a house is constructed as per proper vaastu norms, it is still very important that heavy objects are placed in their prescribed places.


Weights and where they are placed have a big impact on the temperament of a person. However, the effects are different for housewives, students or the householder himself. Weights have a direct relationship with the proportion of the room, its size and geometry. When we say geometry, we are referring to the number of corners or their absence. The ideal geometry as per Vaastu is a room with four corners. If the corners are greater than or less than four, the design itself will cause disturbances. In this essay, we discuss four-cornered rooms in flats. By heavy objects, we refer to cupboards, beds, refrigerators, dressing tables, etc. Basically objects that cannot be carried by one person.

As a matter of general principle, heavy goods are to be placed in the south and in the west. This will give positive results. On the other hand, the north and the east corners should be kept light.

Optimal-Location-Of-Heavy-ObjectsCash & Valuables

A tijori (heavy steel vault for the safe keeping of cash, jewels, stocks and all other valuables) should always be either on the southern side or the western side. If it is cash, it must be on the southern side only. I have also noted that several people store or hide valuables and cash in toilets. They believe that toilets are a safe place for their valuables as nobody expects them to be there, particularly thieves and servants. This is not a correct practice. The effects of this action are disastrous. The money so kept will not grow or even worse get lost or will whittle away in the form of unproductive expenditure. On the other hand, if kept in its proper place, money will grow and also be saved.

Weights in Students Room

If weights are placed inappropriately in students room, they will tend to forget what they have studied, or may not apply their mind to studies at all. Alternately, having studied well, they will fall sick on the day of the examinations; they will fumble when it matters most.


In a bedroom, the bed should preferably be head south or head west.


People sometimes fix cupboards on walls, because they assume that they are reducing the weight in a given corner. This is purposeless toil.   A weight remains a weight whether you place it on the floor or fix it to a wall. There is a whole breed of the so called “modern” Vaastu consultants who disallow even keeping a clothes rack in the northern corner. This is taking things beyond the prescribed norms and getting excessively sensitive to the subject. It is on account of such extreme views that Vaastu and the better Vaastu consultants too are labeled with the tag of inflexibility.

In some situations, depending on the overall geometry and other factors, it is advisable to keep the beds and heavy cupboards away from the walls.


Kitchen stores are to be kept on the southern side.

Ovens and Fridges may be on the north- western sides.

Fire is to be on the eastern side.

In conclusion, I hope that this article has made it easier for people staying in flats and multi-storied structures to follow and benefit from easy yet powerful Vaastu tenets.

I want to add further that if one is not able to implement everything, there is no need to panic. Do the maximum possible and remember that it is almost impossible to have a hundred percent Vaastu perfect house. It is mentioned in the shastras that if vaastu doshas are less than Vaastu compliance, the house can be said to be fit for occupation from the Vaastu angle. As for the Vaastu doshas that remain, one can constantly look for means and ways to mitigate their effects by having countervailing good Vaastu at other places of occupancy.