Workshop on Predictive Astrology

Current Affairs, Dec 2016
ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter – Dr. NVRA Raja

Indian Council of Astrological Sciences has established its name throughout the country by showing an active interest in the field of astrology. Contributing to the society of astrology has never been easy as it is a vast ocean with endless possibilities; however, ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter has always managed to defy the odds by having workshops almost every month of the year at a nominal fee, which are conducted by industry subject matter experts.

On 20th November 2016, ICAS Ahmedabad Chapter organized a 1-day workshop on the importance of Nakshatra and Nadi in Astrological Science. The workshop was conducted by Dr. NVRA Raja, popularly known as MEENA–2 JUNIOR, and is an eminent philosopher, counselor and Astro-psychologist practitioner since 1993. He is in the mining profession for the past 30 years. His academic track record includes his successful pursuits MA in Astrology, M.A. in Philosophy& Religion, PG Diploma in Business Management and PhD in Astrology.

The workshop was conducted at Ahmedabad Management Association which also included Lunch and High Tea followed by a session for certificate distribution. Dr. NVRA Raja has a flair for teaching and counseling the people in the astrology. He desires that the subject astrology should reach the end user who needs it and has been working hard towards this noble cause continuously – It comes as no wonder to why the participants enjoyed it so much.