Yogesh Agarwal

Vaastu Meter, Mar 2010

Routine Vaastu Audit Exercises are important to ensure that one has not strayed from the Vaastu path

Mr.Yogesh Agarwal, of the Jagdamba group Ahmedabad, was amongst the first of Dr. Ravi Rao’s clients in Gujarat. In this interview that was taken at his home he speaks about how he is now a firm believer of Vaastu.

Excerpts from the interview:-


Mr Yogesh AgarwalI was born and brought up in Ahmedabad. Ours was a trading background. We were wholesale merchants of mill-made cloth. Though we are basically from Navalgadh, Rajasthan, our ancestors migrated here more than seventy years ago. Today, we are Rajasthani only in name; the atmosphere at home, our schooling etc are totally Gujarati.

After schooling I was put through our charitable civil-work projects. The entire construction of Purnanand Ashram was supervised by me. After undergoing that rigorous training I stepped into the world of business and industry in 1976.

On Meeting Dr Ravi Rao

I met Dr. Ravi Rao around 2002. Actually Dr Rao first met my elder brother through our CA. To be honest, my first reaction when I heard them speak about Vaastu was not at all positive. I dismissed the whole subject as some new kind of superstition and mischief. However, as both of them were very upbeat about Dr.Rao and spoke very highly of his depth of Vaastu knowledge I took up the matter a few months later when Dr.Rao came on his subsequent visit to Ahmedabad. What happened after I met him is an altogether different story. It changed me and my fortunes totally – as it did for the many others whom he met through me and whom his Vaastu science has irreversibly uplifted.

On a few experiences with Dr. Rao and Vaastu

On my very first meeting, Dr Rao did a very startling thing. By a mere cursory examination of the visiting cards of our companies he told us exactly how well or how poorly each of the companies was faring. This was something new and also a bit difficult to believe!   One thing led to another and very soon I was taking him around our various factories, offices and homes.

An incredible incident occurred when I took Dr.Rao for the first time to Jagdamba Polymers, our unit in Dholka. I was showing him around the various sections of the place, but throughout the time he kept insisting on seeing a specific corner. Though I assured him that there was nothing there of any significance he wouldn t budge and so, finally I took him there. As I had expected, the whole of that area was nothing but a series of empty rooms.

All of a sudden Dr Rao pointed out a room he wanted to be opened. When we opened the room, to my sheer surprise it was full of waste. He advised we remove the waste to so and so direction and switch our raw materials and finished goods areas. I said, I am ready to do all this, but can you tell me what will happen if I do as you say . He replied that we would see immediate results within 7 to 10 days. Without my telling him so, he pointed out that we were facing a cash crunch and also that we could not retain old customers and added that this situation would be remedied.

We meticulously made the alterations and modifications just the way he said he wanted them done and unbelievably we saw a spate of positive changes in the business and this converted me from a firm non-believer to a staunch follower of Vaastu.

2I was won over by Dr. Rao s simplicity, integrity and formidable grip on Vaastu. His earnest approach to the client s predicament coupled with his confidence in the solution he provided satisfied me that not only was he a genuine Vaastu consultant but that Vaastu itself was a potent science that I could benefit from. I am convinced that Vaastu is a science by the fact that Dr. Rao told me in advance that if we made this number of Vaastu changes there would be this and that improvement in the business and our personal life. That he could establish the quid pro quo before the events occurred rather than after the events unfolded indisputably established to me Dr. Rao s credentials and also the scientific complexion of Vaastu.

Mr Yogesh Agarwal with Dr RaoDr. Rao s visit to our Jagdamba Polymers unit was followed by profuse interaction across the whole of our group members resulting in improvement upon improvement in our overall well – being. Dr Rao s style has always been gentle, with the Vaastu changes coming in step by step with each change in its own way resulting in a dramatic upturn in the business.

We grew from strength to strength and in fact ran out of space at Dholka works and went on to acquire new and larger premises at Kheda.   There was absolutely no doubt in our minds that the land, the plant and the offices of the new project would all have to be 100% as per Dr.Rao s advice. He gave us the broad guidelines on plot selection as per Vaastu, so that we would not have to involve him each time we went to check out a plot. It took us over four months or more to narrow down the list to one or two we showed Dr.Rao for final approval. In the meantime there was panic in all quarters because of the delay the plot selection was causing. Machines had been ordered and overall the project was gathering momentum and our commitments both financial and otherwise were piling up from all sides. Dr Rao assured me by advising, Even if the delay on account of plot selection causes an initial loss it will be well worth it because a Vaastu perfect plot would recoup the losses incurred. Just keep on searching. You will find the right plot. 

Finally we did find the plot and started of Ambica Polymers. Initially-it being agricultural land-the topography and shape were not Vaastu perfect but we got around that soon enough. Firstly, we arrived at the perfect shape of the plot but to achieve this we had to set aside permanently some bits and corners of the plot. Dr Rao warned that the land that had been set aside as waste land must never be merged again with the Vaastu designed Ambica Polymers plot. We agreed and that waste land remains untouched. We may give it away to charity or put it to another use or something of that sort.

Vaastu Audit

Routine Vaastu Audit Exercises are important to ensure that one has not strayed from the Vaastu path. Vaastu is not a one time thing. It is important that one never forgets this. As a part of our Vaastu compliance strategy we have routine visits by Dr.Rao in what is known in our circle as a Vaastu Audit Exercise.

During one such Vaastu audit I told Dr.Rao, Look, I know your style well by now. You will always make your suggestions step by step and that too, you will make sure that there is the least bit of demolitions. That is all very fine in the beginning, but we know each other thoroughly by now. Tell me the BIG thing and in one stroke and leave it to me to decide how I will finance   it. 

He replied by pointing to a large RCC slab in our factory premises and said that the whole of it should go completely. I said, I will do what you are asking me to, remain in no doubt about that, but explain to me what will be the benefits. I have stopped questioning you about what and why because I have total faith in you and your science, but this time you have to answer me.  He replied You may be experiencing some kind of cyclical slowdown in your order position from time to time. Once you break this slab this situation will vanish. Whatever pattern you are imagining about sluggish times and boom times is all in your mind. 

We demolished the slab and did such a thorough job of it that if you were to go there today you would never guess that a slab existed in that place. In fact when Dr Rao saw the work, he complimented us on the thoroughness of the job done. After the slab went, we never experienced any cyclical dip in sales or whatever. That is in the past now.

1Dr Rao s shifts base to Ahmedabad

Around the time when I first met Dr Rao and showed him the visiting cards of our various companies and then took him on the rounds of our factories and offices Dr. Rao used to visit   Ahmedabad intermittently. He was unmarried and always on the move, without any central headquarters. We were convinced that Dr.Rao had in him something special; that he could achieve significant good result not just for us or our several friends and associates but for Ahmedabad city and Gujarat as a whole. We offered Dr. Rao a furnished flat in Ahmedabad s elegant locality of Navrangpura. As time to passed Dr Rao got married and settled down in Ahmedabad. He now owns his own flats, offices and   travels to distant lands where he has spread Vaastu blessings to many troubled businesses and industry.

In conclusion I will share with you our thoughts when we convinced Dr.Rao to settle here in Ahmedabad. Both my elder brother Ramakantji and I said to each other, that though today he may be new here and a bit unknown, there will come a time when he will get so busy and important that we may actually have to take an appointment to meet him. He has indeed become famous and immensely successful but that has never come between us. To us he is always Ravi, a dependable friend and just a phone call away